California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, September 11, 2017

District finding time=ALL OF THE MIRACLES!!

Well hello there! 🤗

It has been an interesting week! It has been kind of a weird one! A lot of people have bailed on us or just fallen off the face of the earth.. haha. Typical missionary work! But we did see some awesome things happen! Aw! My heart was so full this week! 💖 I'm so stoked to tell y'all about it! 😃 

We had an awesome Book of Mormon class! Gabe came! He was baptized in December. He is awesome! We had a super cool conversation about Mosiah 2! We talked about how we are forever indebted to our Savior for His sacrifice. In that chapter, King Benjamin is talking about being indebted forever because when we keep a commandment trying to repay Him He just blesses us, and there we are back to square one! Haha. It's kinda funny to me.. 🙃 I believe He just laughs as we try to repay Him because we are like "DANG IT! How am I going to pay this one back?". I have found myself doing that all the time! Sometimes the blessings are just too great and you don't know how to accept them! I know, especially on my mission, that I have felt that! Man! Way too much joy and gratitude to fit into one little me! Haha. I love Him so much!! 

Tuesday we had District Meeting! It was so cool. So we studied chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel. It talks about our purpose as missionaries and how we can be successful in fulfilling that purpose. So my awesome District Leader, Elder Smyth invited us all to share what OUR purpose was individually when we came out. I don't remember a lot of what I said, which is good because it was lead by the spirit. It's funny when you learn things about your own feelings.. haha! But I remembered talking about how much I loved being a missionary and how I have seen that I was sent to Northern California for a reason. Correction: ALL OF THE REASONS! There's so many things I have been able to do to help people come unto Christ. And in the process, my testimony has grown exponentially and I could never ever turn away from anything in the gospel. I simply know too much. Ah! I can't even experience to you how I feel about missionary work...I couldn't at District Meeting either. It has become who I am. I feel like this is one of my sole purposes in coming to this earth: to be a missionary. It was just such a powerful realization of why I'm here and what all these experiences and hardships and miracles have added up to. I have pondering on that a lot this week. I can feel that the mission has passed thru me, instead of me passing through it. It's really incredible. I'm so grateful for the spirit and how it guides me to understand my own feelings and thoughts. Haha. 

Well! I got to go to Mission Leadership Council again! Aw, I missed it! I got to see so many homies!! Gah! I love them all so much! It was great to be able to be counseled by President and Sister Ward and the AP's. I look up to them so much! This month we are really focusing on obedience! It's kinda funny to see the other missionary's reaction. Haha. We were all like "ohhh boy! He's gonna throw down!" But he only chastised us a little. It's always good to get a smack on the wrist, if you will. It was just very uplifting and made me realize that I'm falling short in a lot of areas! Ah! So stressful! But thank goodness for my Big Brother! Man, do I need Him. Something else that was super cool. President talked about missionaries who are going home. He said that we need to go through the last stretch of our mission like nobody knows.He talked about how at the end of a race, you don't slow up through the finish line. You SPRINT through that line. 

On Friday, we left weekly Planning to contact Shalimar. She is one of the new 'gators we picked up my first week here. We have run into her a couple times, but none of those times were good to actually have a lesson with her. So we wanted to try again. We get there, she doesn't answer. So we tried a couple other people but nothing. So we decided to head back to the church to finish planning. As we tried to start the car, the key wouldn't even turn in the ignition... it was super weird. So we messed with it and nothing.. so the next thing sisters always do in a time of confusion and distress (especially when the situation involves cars) is call the Elders. Hah! We let them know what was happening so they came to rescue s. What would we do without our awesome Zone Leader's! 😁 Well, in the meantime, I saw this as a PRIME opportunity to tract and work the area a little bit since we haven't really done too much this week. So! I jumped on it. I was not going to waste this time.. The first 3 doors we knocked, nothing. Then I felt prompted to knock the second floor of the complex next to Shalimar's. 

We had knocked most of this one before except for those 4 doors! So that's where we went! The first door we knocked on, we met Sarah! She opened the door and said "hi! I'm a member but I'm going to work right now!" Well, haha. We were a little taken back because it's always interesting when you tract into members you didn't know existed, let alone lived there. Haha. we talked for a second. She said she would love to meet with us and get back into it. She has been going through some stuff and could really use the gospel at this point. Her husband is not a member but he's huge but super nice. haha. So that was awesome!!!! We set a time for Wednesday to see her again. She was kind of a little sporadic.. it made me wonder about her mental state, but hey! It is Redding! What can you expect! No, but they were way cool! Then! We hit the last couple doors but nothing. Then we saw that the Elders were there waiting by our car. Elder Clarke got in with the key and started it right up.... typical. Turns out that it has a steering wheel thing that locks or something.. I dunno. I was still amazed at the miracle that just happened! CLEARLY we were supposed to be there right then! It was so cool too because in my morning prayers I had asked Heavenly Father to help us be in the right place at the right time that day.  And BOOM! Miracle of the week.. 😁 This kinda thing is nothing new either! It has happened time and time again. For some reason, we can't leave a street or something. Obviously, it's never the right time to leave! So I have learned to go tract because there is someone Heavenly Father needs us to find. It's amazing. We were very blessed!

Gah!!  District finding time=ALL OF THE MIRACLES!! It was amazing! So we went to see this potential named Kenny. That was awesome. He is super spiritual already and said we could come back. Then! The spirit poked me super hard to go visit this one former. So ended up on her street. As we for out of the car, she was a house I felt prompted to knock on. So we hit it up. The lady wasn't interested. So we started walking down the street to our original destination! As we walked past the next house, as I walked halfway past it, I just like stopped and looked into the yard.. it was super intimidating. All these cigarette butts everywhere and all this garbage everywhere.. BUT, if there's one thing I have learned about following the spirit and tracting, it's those are generally the best places to hit! So, I told Sister Dee to come back because she had walked ahead. She wasn't super thrilled because she wasn't feeling well... so I felt bad that's why I hesitated. But we knocked on it anyway. And we met these 2 teenage guys and they were so cool! We bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and the spirit was so strong on their porch! Ah!! My heart was so full!! I can't even explain it to you! 😁 It seemed like a normal missionary moment, but it was so amazing.Heavenly Father hears prayers and makes it possible to make our goal! I'm so grateful that we were able to be instruments in His hands! Ah! It was great! 

Fun times! Aye aye aye.. so there's this lady.. she came to church a few weeks ago before I was here...  she went nuts. She had a MAJOR melt down and the leaders asked us not to invite her into RS.. she had to be taken in another room to get calmed down and then they talked about her gazillion questions. So! That's that fun. But Sunday, guess who showed up again!  Oh yes! It was her again!  The whole ward saw her and cringed.. luckily though, we had a very pleasant, but random visit with her! All of her questions came during Sunday School. So we just took her to the foyer and had a chat. It went super well! Haha. It was funny because some of the brothers in the ward kept coming out to check on us. I'm grateful she didn't have a complete melt down. 

It was cool though because the spirit brought to my remembrance something from my seminary class like 4 years ago while we were preparing for Book of Mormon class. My seminary teacher made the point that something is valuable because of the price willing to be paid for it, right? Well, how amazing, unfathomable and incomprehensible is it that the One being who never slipped up nor speak ill, who descended from His Father's presence to save each of us, lowly sinners who, on a daily basis willfully rebel against His Father and our Father.. His price was beyond priceless. Because of His unspeakable sacrifice, our value is priceless. He sees in each of us godly qualities. After all, that is how He knows each of us. We spent all of that time with Him before this life. He knows our potential. That's hy He made that sacrifice. So we could meet our full potential through Him. He made it possible for us to make it all the way. What a blessing it is that He can see through our sins. He sees us separate from them. All He sees is our divine nature. That's what He and our Father are trying to magnify in us by giving us commandments and the gospel. That's how we magnify the gods and goddesses within ourselves, through the gospel and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

We went to Weed and McCloud falls! Gah! It was gorgeous!!!! I'll send pictures too! So kinda funny.. I basically fell in the river trying to get to the other side. So that was awesome...I didn't mean to go swimming. I'm generally good at avoiding apostate behavior buuut, not today I guess ...just kidding.. it was only up to my waist. Haha! It was gorgeous though! So much fun! 

I love you guys! Have a great week! Please none of you die from those fires!! 

Sister Hood






SO SMOKEY!!  Redding California

Sister Hood & Sister Singleton

Monday, September 4, 2017


Welp! Here we are, another week gone! 🙄 goodness, where does the time go! 

So I forgot to tell ya more about Sister Dee. She's from Clinton! Same age, same school situation... aaaannd, that's it. Haha. Sorry. I'm terrible.. 😁

Anyway, as for the work this week it has been pretty good. We have been trying to work hard and find new people! We did have miracles happen! 

So first.. we felt prompted to visit this "random" former lady! She ended up not living there anymore. But that's when we met Karen. Here's what went down with her. ☺

It was super cool! We went to visit a former investigator and Karen told us she doesn't live there anymore. So we talked to her and asked if she had heard much about the church. She said most of her best friends growing up were/are LDS. So she knows a little bit. We shared Because of Him. She said she really liked it. She loves those kind of messages. She just got done with Chemo and has some other health problems but she says that whenever she prays she knows He is there, she isn't too solid on who/what "He" is, but she believes there's a God of some kind. She tries to stay spiritual because she has found it to help her a lot throughout her trials. Faith has always been kind of a shaky thing for her and she isn't too sure about it. We told her that's what we do as missionaries, help people strengthen their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. She was super into that. Set a time to come back. Gave her our number. Super cool! 😁

The highlight of our week was this... 😃 drum roll please...........

NORMAN IS ON DATE!!! 😍😃😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😄😄😄

If you didn't fall out of your chair or trip or flop to the floor, you obviously do not understand the monumental progress he has made!! This is HUGE! Let me put this into prospective for you... he has been meeting with missionaries for almost 2 years. He is SO analytical and dissects everything about everything. He asks ALL of the questions. He is slowly having a change of heart and he can see this happening. He admitted that he is a fence sitter. So this is AMAZING!!! It was cool because during studies, I felt impressed to try again to put him on date.. we were a little hesitant because they had recently tried to, but he declined... but the spirit kept bringing it up. It was a very inspired lesson and guided route to inviting him. I dunno how to explain it but it was different. Super cool! 

Here's how our lesson with Norman the non-Mormon. 😁

It was awesome today! We talked about where he's at with everything. He basically bore his testimony about how he believes that Joseph Smith was sincere and the things he saw were incredible so it makes sense that he might've seemed a little "off his rocker". He said he believes 100% that there is truth in the Book of Mormon. We helped him realize that he is receiving answers to his prayers. We showed him Spirit of Revelation by E. Bednar. He really liked it and it kind of clicked for him when it showed the dawn. He said he is in the foggy one though. He just isn't quite sure where to go. We talked about taking steps into the darkness trusting the God will guide you. We talked about setting a date and how that's showing Heavenly Father that he is willing to do His will and really serious about it all. We told him that we had prayed about it and felt inspired to set a date with him. He accepted Sept 23rd. He was still hesitant because he doesn't have confidence in his testimony yet. So he wants to keep studying and reading to gain that confidence that he needs before baptism. It was cool!! 

So PLEASE keep him in your prayers.. oh man. This is huge and we want to make sure we can keep him there and help him move forward! 

We also had a lesson with Katie! That went well! She is going they really hard times though... keep her in your prayers, Anyway, here's what happened there. ☺️ 

We had a good lesson about temples and family History, we asked her what she knew about temples, she mentioned that she didn't know a lot. We shared the Mormon beliefs about temples. We asked her why temples are important. She was still a little confused but we explained the temples are we make sacred promises and how it's not secret but sacred. We explained what it meant to be worthy and how in the temples all of the ordinances to return to Heavenly Father are done with the Priesthood Authority . and with that authority families can be together forever and not till death do you part. She thought that concept was pretty interesting. We then got into the conversation about Baptism and coming to church are ways that we can worthy to be able to enter the temple.  We encourage her to continue to keep on praying and reading her scriptures to find out answers to her questions and we also asked her to continually pray about baptism.

She's kind of just there... so we're trying to help her. I think a lot of it has to do with what's going on. Her boy friend's son (he's around 4ish) is in the hospital because he had a stroke or something. Then her best friend was also in the hospital. She also texted us yesterday morning that her friend just passed away in an accident.... she's being put thru the ringer. Poor thing... we invited her to keep praying and reading because that brings TONS of comfort. 

We also had interviews with President Ward! He is so great. I really enjoy my time with him. He has helped me a lot, even just in the past couple interviews we have had. I appreciate his insights and advice. It's always an edifying and uplifting time. ☺

So that was that! Highlights of the week. ☺️ 

As for the spiritual thought, I feel like sharing something that really hit me this week. On Sunday, a member of the stake presidency, Bro. Jensen spoke to us. He talked about how we never earn God's love. He loves us because we are His. That hit me like a brick.. sometimes I feel like just because I'm not perfect I'm not as loved as I could be... well, thankfully, I have come to realize that that is the adversary getting in my head. He knows that if he can corrupt my view on how Heavenly Father feels about me, he can make me fall and trip up. It's so important to always keep in remembrance that we are all sons and daughters of an Almighty King! His love is perfect and unchanging. He cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance, but He does not look upon us as sinners that way. He always looks at us with the most perfect, unchanging love imaginable. That will never change. 

Along those lines he said that He blesses us because we are His. Have you ever wondered what did I ever do to deserve this kind of blessing?  I know I have. I feel unworthy a lot of the time because of the incredible miracles I'm so privileged to be a part of on a daily basis... it's incredible. His love is so great that He just desires to shower upon us the blessings of joy, prosperity and light. I am sooo thankful for my Heavenly Father in every aspect of my life... He and my Savior make it possible for me to breathe.. I don't know what would do in this world without Them. I would be utterly and completely lost and hopeless.. 

I feel prompted to write one more thing. This was super powerful as well. So in Moroni 7:46 it takes about charity. But if you replace charity with Christ this is how it reads. 😍 

"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not [Christ], ye are nothing, for [Christ] never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto [Christ], which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail--"

That has never rang more true in my entire life than it has this week. Ah! I'm so grateful for my Savior! Cleave unto Him because He never fails, we are nothing with out Him and He is the greatest of all! I love my Savior with every fiber of my being. I know He lives. 

Thanks for everything fam! You guys are amazing! I love ya! Have a great week! 😁

Sister Hood
🌟Let Him shine through you!🌟

Monday, August 28, 2017


Welp! Here we are! All the way up north! As far as the mission goes! 😁 I love it here. Redding is amazing, except for the SWELTERING HEAT!! Heat and I, yeah we're not friends... 😒 I can't tell you though how bad I have missed the view of REAL mountains! And not this "rolling hills". 😂 it has been pretty smoggy because of the fires and whatnot. That along with the elevation difference makes my body wanna cry when I run in the morning! Haha. But it's still good! I'm not dead yet! Not to mention, when it clears up you have quite the view of Mt. Shasta and the other surrounding mountains. I love it! I makes me feel at home.

So it's cool. We cover the Redding 5th ward and the YSA branch. They say that the branch will most likely dissolve at some point because it's so tiny, but we will see! The work is a little bit slow. A coupe transfers ago, all the investigators decided to drop the sisters! So, the task at had is FIND nations! 😁 finding is my jam so I'm pumped to let lose! We have been able to find a 5 new 'gators this week! All thanks to the spirit and the tender mercies of the Lord! The branch is the tiniest thing I've ever seen... it's like sitting in Sunday school, except half of that. 😳

We live in a nice little apartment WITH CARPET!!!! GAHH! I really love carpet.. no wifi, but there is carpet! So I'm happy! You really learn to appreciate things when you don't have them! Carpet is definitely one of them.. I have missed just flopping out after walking in the door after a grueling day! It doesn't quite have the same effect on tile.. Haha. So that's been nice to jump back into that! 😂 Sister Dee probably thinks I'm a nut.. it's only partially true.. 😉 we also have a really pretty view off our balcony! I'll have to show y'all someday!

Sister Dee is so cute! I feel like a giant next to her though! 😂 That might put it into prospective.. haha. We all know in comparison to basically anyone else, I am no giant! She's just so tiny.. she's an awesome missionary though. I like a lot of the ways she goes about missionary work. We get along really well. It should be a good transfer!

The miracles this week have been super cool! We had District finding time! Which is super cool. I have done Zone finding time for a second, but not too much. In District finding time, everyone in the district goes out finding at the same time for like an hour each week! It was amazing. We had a billion people who lived in this one complex, so we just decided to go wreck it there. And that's what we did!! 3 new 'gators in an hour! That was such a blessing! Thank you to the Spirit! 😁 one of the most awkward experiences of my life happened during this time too! So I felt like we should knock on one more before we decided to bounce. So we did and this lady comes to the door, she kinda scared me to be honest. 😰 she looked like a witch.. no teeth, piercing blue eyes, and man was she a bean pole! She was like a toothpick! Crazy... well, come to find out she was mute.. we had to figure this out ourselves of course.. she just kinda stood there and tried to talk to us but as she opened her mouth nothing came out. I was really confused for a minute, then it finally hit me. Haha. It was probably the spirit like "hey ya dope! She can't talk!" 😂 we offered to give her a pamphlet but she just looked at us and gestured... uhhhh. Yeah. Still didn't get it. Then as we were giving it to her, she, I'm sure, would've (if she could've) yelled "no". Sooo. We took that as not interested.. hahahah! Goodness me.  There's some different people here in the apartment complexes... it was an interesting experience though.. Haha! One of the weirdest. Rule #1 is NEVER tract in the dark... you don't do that in other places (especially as a sister) but ESPECIALLY in Redding, ESPECIALLY in complexes.. not safe.. it was funny though, the other night driving home, we saw this guy walking down the street in a tux and a top hat.. 🤔 interesting.. haha. 

Book of Mormon class was great! We only had Norman, who is been meeting with missionaries for over a year, and our former bishop, Bishop Freeman. This man is AMAZING! Goodness me, I learned so much from just sitting in on that conversation with he and Norman. Norman is very analytical. He is also a fence-sitter, as he admitted to earlier. Haha. But he has been thinking a lot about life after baptism. It has been interesting. Here's a little snippet of what went down!

We had an awesome lesson with Norman. So we were planning to read Words of Mormon and it totally went Spiritually guided and Brother Freeman started talking about fasting and how powerful fasting is when coupled with prayer, he gave a really good explanation on what fasting was and then we were able to talk about the Holy Ghost and other various aspects of the Gospel, Norman commented how he is thinking a lot more on what it entails to be a member and how his questions were being answered at various points in his life . Brother Freeman bore an awesome testimony about coming to know that the Book of Mormon is true and How Christ is the gate and he won't force us to get to Heaven. He invited him to fast on fast Sunday with him and us as well so it should be and amazing opportunity for Norman.

We had a super cool lesson with our YSA 'gator named Katie. Here's what happened with that!

It was an amazing lesson! We asked her how her Book of Mormon reading has been. She said it hasn't been going well because of her boyfriend's son being in the hospital. Talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She understood it all really well. We asked how she felt with it all. It all goes with what she already believed, just more in depth. Talked a little bit about the Sabbath day and partaking of the sacrament. Amanda (Returned Missionary member present) talked about prayer and how we can feel Gods love and forgiveness thru praying. Katie mentioned that she has been trying to overcome some things with the Word of Wisdom. She understands how it effects the family and doesn't want to deal with that. We related that to a perfect example of repenting. She really liked it all. We invited her to be baptized, she said she would if she knew for sure. Tried to set a date, she made it seem like she wanted to keep learning before she did that. We invited her to pray about baptism. Invited her to church too. 😁 

We also had an AMAZING lesson with a member referral. Her name is Dani! Here's the lowdown with that! 

She is so solid!!! Dani and her 9 yr old daughter live with Matt,  his wife and their 4 yr old. That's how Dani got into the church. She said she hasn't had great experiences with organized religion. She raised Catholic and then was baptized Greek Orthodox. But she really loves what she has seen with Matt and his family. We started off talking about prayer. She feels like prayer isn't supposed to be a repetitious thing but a personal conversation with God. Talked about her coming to know for herself and missionaries will be her spiritual guides. She loved that because church and lots of new people make her nervous, especially knowing basically nothing about what we believe. Taught the Restoration. She related herself to Joseph Smith because she is searching like he was. Matt talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost. She loved the idea of receiving guidance for everything, especially parenting. Matt mentioned Tithing and blessings that come from sacrificing. She liked that the money doesn't go to the "preacher". She doesn't mind giving because it goes to a good cause. Talked about obedience and being blessed according to the commandments that we keep. Matt bore powerful testimony throughout the whole lesson. It was awesome. We invited her to read and pray about the introduction of the Book of Mormon. She loves reading assignments and stuff. She is really excited to know for herself. Talked about the importance keeping commitments when we are away. We told her that that's most likely when the answers will come. Told her it would be best for her to go to the home Ward. She said she agreed and wanted her daughter to come to know for herself and be committed to it since she has already been baptized twice. She said she would be at the 1st Ward. She's amazing!! 😁

It was incredible! It's kind of a bummer we are handing her off, but it's okay. The Elders need miracles too. 😂 she did come to church with her daughter! Unfortunately we didn't get to say hi because of all of the other things happening at once.. but she is very good hands. ☺️ Sunday we told her that we were happy to see her at church. She let us know that she and her daughter really enjoyed it and SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!! 😱 my thoughts: "well that escalated quickly!" 😂 she's so solid! GAHH!! 

Another incredible miracle we had!! So we set our goal for Sacrament attendance at 4... well you see, in the past 6 weeks it has normally been 1 or 2, occasionally 3. But we just felt it and had faith that Heavenly Father would help us make it happen! Well.... GUESS HOW MANY WE GOT!! 5!!! 😃😳😍😍😍 man... haha. It's so cool!!! Heavenly Father is too good to us! It was crazy because in the YSA this random kid showed up with his LDS girlfriend. He has apparently gone through most, if not all the discussions.. so! That's awesome. And then! This is the crazy part... so! Amanda, who came with us to Katie's lesson, had her homecoming talk. She felt prompted to invite this kid Edgar to her homecoming. Whats nuts is he lives like 3 hours away, they met once before like 3 years ago! AND HE CAME!!!! What the heck!! 😰 it blows my mind... haha. Ya gotta love Returned Missionary's! 😉 

Oh man! So we went to the first wards Sacrament meeting because of the homecoming, which was amazing! And guess who I saw!!!! Jeremiah and Koren! Haha. It was funny, the Elders told me where they were sitting so I just walked up and they were like "what the heck!". 😂 so good to see them! We are also going to be playing soccer on p-day! WOOP WOOP!! 😁 

Anyway.. sorry I'll stop now. 😬 this is a novel.. haha. Sorreh! It has been a great week! We have been SO incredibly blessed to see these insane miracles! We are in the Lords hands and I'm so grateful to be able to see His goodness and mercy towards us. Gah! Such a blessing.. I love this gospel, you guys! This is the best thing that ever happened to any of us. Serving a mission has completely solidified everything for me. I could never turn away from any of this because I simply can't deny what I have seen and felt. ☺️ 

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything, especially your examples to me! I wouldn't be who I am without all of you. ☺️ have an amazing week! 

Sister Hood 

PS, they just sent out an announcement that we will be a Facebook mission coming up soon!! Whaaaa? My brain doesn't understand what that would be like. Haha. Pretty cool though!
🌟Let Him shine through you!🌟