California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, April 24, 2017


Hey Fam & Friend's! 

I'm in Chico! There has already been quite the memories made here! Haha! I'm sure you'll all get quite the kick out of these next few months of emails if it keeps going this same direction! 😂 here's the exciting things for this week! 

Sister Singleton is the bomb!! She's from South Jordan and she's been out 3 months! She is KILLIN' it taking over though! Man! It's impressive! ☺️ she's a great missionary! I have loved being her comp already because she is just so chill! Haha. We're both super chill so things are just easy. Haha. We also have the same appreciation for a squeaky clean apartment! Haha. So that's always awesome! 😂 

Well! the first night, Sister Singleton and I were just talking while we were in bed. Then we just went quiet and started to fall asleep. My bed is right up against the the wall with the window and we started to hear a flappy noise. Well I started to freak out because Whatever it was, it sounded HUGE! I knew it was probably a moth and I HATE moths so I was freak'in out. So we got up and turned the lights on and I smacked the blinds to make it come out. And it did..... it was a GINORMOUS moth.. 😫😫😫 Singleton smacked it with a dust pan. She had to smack it like 5 times to kill it... and since it was almost 11 we just left it on the floor and went to bed... well. You see, when we woke up in the morning, the moth was gone...... Singleton came out of the bathroom and she was like oh, thanks for cleaning that up. And I was like.. uh. I didn't. Haha. So that's cool.... moth zombie somewhere in our house... 

The people here are nuts! Hahah!! So many good stories and it hasn't even been a week! 😁 lemme tell ya! So!! Let's first start with our "the people of Chico" moments! 

First we will start off with a dude named Tyler! So we were on our way to visit this LA lady who wasn't home. But then we saw Tyler over there by this picnic table just pacing... haha. Odd. I thought he was homeless.... but apparently looks can be deceiving... 😬  So we go over and say hi to him and share the Prince of Peace. We asked him what stuck out to him. He mentioned the part where it talks about how Christ turned water into wine. And he was like "Christ turned water into wine.. why doesn't he turn the ocean into wine so we can all have a good time!?" 😂 *crickets*... good questions Tyler... hahah! 😂 then he said we could come back and share more with him. We suggested a time and he was like "oh.. no. I'm usually skinny dipping at that time.." 🤣 ohh!!!! Alrighty then! 

Aw yes. Next on our list is Thelma and Vivian. You see, Thelma is a LA who has the mental capacity of probably a 10 yr old or something like that. Vivian ('gator) is probs a little more with it, but still not quite up to speed, if ya know what I'm sayin. 😬 so Thelma is working on personal progress so we're just helping her along with that. Vivian is just moving in with her right now so she just happened to be there. So during our lesson, we decided we wanted to sing "Where Can I Turn For Peace". Hahaha!! Well, usually the hymns really bring the spirit, it was seriously like how we sing happy birthday on the phone... but they were really trying.. haha. It was quite the interesting experience! BUT! It was awesome because they said they felt a lot of Peace after that! 😁 

Oh! Now my personal favorite for this week is Rebecca! 😂 oh man! She is AMAZING! So as we were going to visit Thelma, Rebecca saw us in the parking lot of the apartments and was like "Sisters! Sisters!!" This never happens so it was kinda scary.. especially in Chico. Haha. So she comes running over to us and introduces herself. She said she was a member that just put in a referral for sisters to come by because she moved her from Alaska about a year ago and was inactive and wanted to get back into it. So! She was telling us how huge of a miracle it was that we were there!! (It actually was a HUGE miracle which I will explain later..). So you must know... we are standing on the sidewalk. She was standing close the edge of it where there was a little ledge and then a bush right behind her. Well! As she was explaining all this too us, suddenly she just starts flapping her arms like she's falling backwards and she's like "whoaaa whooaaa!" And basically falls into the bush behind her! 😂😂😂😂 now I know I'm a terrible person for laughing so hard at this because she does have a brain injury. But it was just the perfect set up and hahahah!! Oh man! It was just hilarious! Seriously.. she and her boyfriend are my favorites so far! 😁 

And then there's Linda and Colby! Linda is a member that we help a lot because she flips houses and stuff. So we do service for her often! And her son, Colby has been investigating for awhile now. He is one of those logical people who are just too smart for their own good... so that's interesting! But! We have come to the conclusion that he knows baptism is a HUGE commitment and he doesn't want to not live up to that commitment. But that makes me think he doesn't really understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ because none of us live up to that commitment fully without His help... so yeah. Super awesome though! We eat with them every Tuesday and see her thru out the week! 😁 

As off the MANY miracles this week.. well. First I'm just gonna tell you our numbers because this is through back to Corning here! W/ baptism date: 3, Sacrament attendance: 5, New 'gators: 6. This hasn't happened for MONTHS! Man!! I get SO pumped to just baptize this whole town! Haha. So that alone was so huge! We are INCREDIBLY blessed here in Chico! There's tons of work! 

First we will start off again with Rebecca! That was just perfect how everything happened! After that whole incident, we set a time to come back. When we did, it was AMAZING! So her boyfriend, Stressly (yes.. that's his name...), had questions for us and stuff that he had told her about. So she invited him to come and sit in! Best ever! So we just talked with her for awhile because he was in the shower and it seemed like he was avoiding it. But eventually he did come out and sit with us! He is SO nice! Super cool guy! We had a lot of fun with them both! ☺️ what was crazy though! The member we brought with us, Janet, she offered to pick Rebecca up for church. And so Stressly had just come in the room and Janet was like Stressly! Why don't you come too! And he has like sure, why not! 🤑 haha. Rebecca's jaw DROPPED! 😂 she couldn't believe it. Apparently it was pretty huge! Then we shared the Prince of Peace video! Singleton and I BOTH saw tears in that mans eyes! We don't care what nobody else says! They were there and he felt it! Haha. So! We are jump'in on this, man! Unfortunately, as we were talking about the video, before we could get it him, he got a phone call he had to take.... BUT! They both made it to church and they really liked it! Oh man! It was amazing! I'm so excited about them! 😁 so much love! 

The next SUPER cool miracle was with a LA named Sue! She's an older lady who we don't really know a whole lot about. But what Sister Singleton does know is that she transferred her records to a different Ward because of things that had happened in our ward.. but we still reach out to her to let her know we love her and everything. So the other night, our lesson fell through so she apparently just popped into Sister Singleton's mind so we stopped by. It was crazy. We went in and talked with her, shared the Prince of Peace and suddenly she just unloads all this stress and these burdens that she is carrying around with medical issues, feeling kind of alone and forgotten. Man... she really just cracked. She expressed how she didn't want to go to church because she's so emotionally sensitive right now and she doesn't know anyone in her new ward so that has been hard for her. She said it blows her away that we showed up because she has been kinda conflicted about going to church Sunday. And we said to her it was a sign that she really needed to be there. So that was a really cool miracle! Super cool that we were exactly where we needed to be! 

We also met a couple other cool investigators we are going to start teaching this week! Man! It's been crazy. We are so stinkin busy! But yeah! Those are just a few awesome things that happened! 

One more cool thing that is more personal than anything is this. So at the beginning of the week, I was struggling because I was homesick for c-heights. I was feeling like it just got ripped out from under me and I was just kinda struggling to adjust. But when we were with Rebecca and Stressly, sharing the video with them and really feeling such love for them. I was thinking about being here and the spirit spoke to my heart and mind and said something like "I told you you would love it." It really touched my heart because I felt like even though I was being a bum Heavenly Father still was trying to tell me that He placed me here for a reason and that He hand picked these people I am working with to bless my life and hopefully bless theirs too. It was such a powerful experience. Since then, I have just loved it and I know that this is where I need to be right now. As bad as my heart my ache to be in c-heights with all my homies again, I remember that this is what missionary work is all about. Loving people as the Savior would and bringing them closer to Him. Super cool. ☺️ 

Welp! That's about it for this week! Lots more to come next week, I'm sure!! Love you all! Have an awesome week! 💖 

Sister Hood!  









Monday, April 17, 2017

THE 4 C's

Well hello everyone!! 

Welp... my heart hurts. Haha. We got transfers figured out. I'm peacin' out.  I was NOT expecting this to happen.... We were expecting (and kinda told by Pres) that someone was going to double cover Young Single Adult Ward and we were under the impression that we were staying and the elders were being shotgunned out. But!! President is completely unpredictable... I just love this Zone so much! They are like my brothers! No other time have I cried when I left an area.... but this time I did. It was really really pathetic haha. BUT! The mission life must go on... new people to meet, new souls to find. It will be quite the adventure!! I'm bouncing' to Chico! Haha. I'm super excited! A bunch of our zone here is going up there too. Haha. So it's like I never left! Hah! Jk.. but my new comp will be Sister Singleton! I have heard absolutely nothing about her except that she just got out of training! So! I'm stoked to work with that greenie fire!! ☺️ WOOP WOOP!! I'm really excited! The reason I called this weeks email the 4 C's is because I have served in Corning, Colusa, C-Heights and now Chico. Haha. Pretty weird! 

It has been a really good week! We have been super busy! This week we got 3 new investigators! That was SUCH A BLESSING! The first one's name is Mary. We were looking for a less-active's and knocked on Mary's door! We shared the Prince of Peace with her and briefly mentioned the Restoration and gave her a pamphlet like they encouraged us to do in Mission Leadership Committee Meeting. Needless to say it worked!! Haha. She said she was really busy with school and stuff so we were a little skeptical if she was really interested. So we got her number and texted her a couple days later. She didn't respond until the next afternoon. so we thought we were just going to have to hunt her down again. But she said she wanted to meet with us so we set an appointment for this Friday. 😁 YAAAY!!!!! 

Another one, his name is Jesus. He is a LA's little brother. We did the same thing and he was willing to let us come back! WOOP WOOP!!! Haha. Then we finally got to meet with Tyler again... kinda. Haha. He is always mess'in with something on his truck. Haha. But we didn't get to share the video with him but we did with his mom, Cindy. She's super nice. A little rough around the edges but SO down to earth. ☺️ she says she's not interested but she really loves our videos and what we share.. hahah. So we just keep going over and sharing things with them. 

We got to see Becky! That was good! It's funny, I realize when we go into "teaching mode" she TOTALLY shuts off.. the look on her face was like "blah blah blah..." haha. So!! We showed her the video, talked about it for a second and just talked to her about things. She didn't really know about the spirit world. So we explained that to her and stuff. We just have to figure out what she's curious about instead of just coming in and cramming stuff down her throat. Because even though it may be good for her, she's one that will just totally resist. So we have just backed off with her and let her do her thing. We still invite her to things sometimes. But the things that we invite her to she already knows when, where and everything. So we just let her decided. And she came to church, Book Of Mormon class and FHE! So the apparently that was just the spirit telling us to just give her some space. She seems a lot happier too. 😁

Here's a cool miracle that happened this week! So we have been trying to visit this one kid named Jake. We have talked to his mom and grandma each time and they're super nice. They always let us in and offer us something to eat or drink or whatever. But we haven't been able to meet him. So this time, right before we went to dinner we went to visit them. We showed up and Jake wasn't home but his grandma offered us some soup. I couldn't resist because I was starving! And it smelled AMAZING! Sooo... I indulged. Haha. But we shared the video with them and as I was saying the closing prayer GUESS WHO WALKED INTO THE HOUSE!!!! Oh yes... it was Jake! His grandma called him back in and he talked to us and stuff. It was just awesome - I felt the spirit nudge me to go see him even though we had tried to see him SO many times. And it was such a blessing to be able to talk to him. Ah!! Heavenly Father is amazing! I love Him! 

Easter was awesome! We just had church and talked about the Savior! I just love it! We had dinner with Bishop and Sister Mealey, each of their dads and Becky came too! That was a riot! Haha. It was really nice! I enjoyed it! 

Also! Something CRAZY! Haha, so Thursday night we were just getting ready for bed when we heard a knock on our door... it was past like 9:30 so we were like what the heck... so I make myself decent and Sister De Leon opens the door and IT'S SEELY AND DUNCAN!! what the heck... haha. They are always just popping up outta nowhere! Haha. It was awesome to see them! 

So yeah! That's pretty much the week! It's been crazy getting everything ready to go! I have way too much STUFF..... I swear I have become a hoarder... 😏 haha. Anyway! I love you guys! Have a great week! 😁 

Sister Hood


flowa's fuh days!! 



Monday, April 10, 2017



Well! This week has sure been an interesting one... haha. We have felt like all of our investigators are just dropping off the face of the earth. For instance, we aren't teaching Becky as frequently because she let us know that the things that we are sharing with her aren't helping. But we know that that is because she isn't doing the little things like she used to. It seems like she just isn't trying anymore... Another prime example is Jessica. We hadn't been able to get a hold of her for a week or so. So finally we just decided to stop by. We talked to her and she told us she just "wasn't Mormon". (We were thinking "yeah... we know. That's why we're here.." haha) but she told us she really likes everything about the church but she just doesn't really want to be taught anymore... SO! We got her address she was moving to which is still in the stake (thank heavens) and told her we would drop by to give her a CD a member gave us for her. So yeah. That's that. THEN! We also hadn't been able to talk to Zeiahne for a long time. We finally stopped by at a time she was home. We invited her to church and she said she was going to a Catholic Church with another lady. But she told us we could still come teach her just like the Jehovahs Witness' do... 😫😫😫 WHAT IS LIFE! Haha. We also invited O'Ryan to church. Then we called him Sunday morning and he said he wasn't able to come cuz he bit his tongue when he had a seizure the night before.... 😞 but yeah... that's my pity party! Hahaha! I still love being a missionary though! It's absolutely the best thing in the world! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! 

Along with all of those things however, came a miracle. Sister De Leon has been having super creepy dreams and stuff so I had been telling her she should get a blessing cuz it had been really bothering her. She just kinda brushed it off which we all do, ya know. Haha. It's normal. But Saturday night we were just stopping at the church so I could relieve my waters before we went to our appointment with this member family who asked us to teach them. So when we got to the church we saw that Elder Behr and Elder Davis were there too. Elder Behr asked how everything was going with the work because he's our District Leader so he knows our investigators and stuff. So we told him what was happening. Apparently I'm still terrible at hiding my emotions so he could tell I was a little discouraged and was beating myself up. (It happens too often, at least that's what I'm told) ☹️ He's so kind though. He told us we were doing incredible work and he kinda chastised me a little for beating myself up and stuff. Haha. He then asked about Sister De Leon and her dreams. She explained that it hadn't changed and then I mentioned to him that I felt like a blessing would totally help. We asked if they had time, they did. And it was another little miracle that our appointment had just been pushed back a half hour, which worked out PERFECTLY! 

They gave her a blessing and it was a beautiful blessing! Ah! The spirit was so strong. It poked me to ask for a blessing too. I can't even tell you. I don't think a blessing has ever made an impact on me quite the way this one did. I felt SO much love and I felt that Heavenly Father was proud of me even though I felt like I had been falling short left and right. It was incredible. Because of that blessing, I was able to feel the fire burning again. I have had this renewed since of desire to git 'er done! ☺️ it was really powerful! I am SO grateful for the priesthood. But not only the power and authority that a priesthood holder has, but for the worthiness that Elder Behr and Elder Davis displayed. It's just amazing that these young men hold Gods power and that they are worthy of it. As President Marston would say, "they are the peculiar of the peculiar". But anyway! That was just a HUUUGE blessing this week. I didn't realize how badly I really needed that blessing. Man! So grateful. 

As I have been pondering upon my week I have realized that so many miracles have come. Like yesterday, we felt prompted to see this less active girl named Gabby. Well, we had attempted to visit her before but there was never an answer. But today when we went by, we realized we had been knocking on the wrong house the past couple times! *face palm* 😂 BUT! I do not believe in coincidences. If we had gone any other time but that time, we wouldn't have been able to talk to her parents first. Which was very important that we did so. Her mom is a less active member but her dad, we aren't sure if he is a member or not. But they talked about how she has autism and is very uncomfortable in big groups of people or anyone new. It was awesome to have talked with them and got to know them. So that was an awesome miracle. 

So many of the miracles this week were so small. If my heart hadn't been touched so deeply by that blessing, I wouldn't have been able to recognize what the Lord had done for us. I would've just been throwing my own pity party and feeling like I am just running myself into the ground. Until I turned outward, I really was totally blind. Hmm.. it's funny when the spirit takes hold of your fingers and teaches you something as you are writing. Haha. It really has been a good week, despite all of the struggles. 

This week we had a bunch of meetings. Our Stake MCM, meetings with President, district meeting, meetings to plan for these meetings! Haha. Meeting out the wazoo!! But the main one was our Mission Leadership Committee Meeting. That was awesome! I always love MLCM. It is always so enlightening! We talked about the Restoration which is ALWAYS amazing!! I never understood it or had a real testimony of the Restoration until I got out here. I didn't know what it meant to know the Book of Mormon is true, or that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, or that he restored Gods priesthood authority that Jesus had while He was here back to the earth. I could never testify with such a conviction and with power that those things were all true before my mission. I believed it, but I feel it. I have had so many incredible experiences with teaching the Restoration. In fact! One happened this week! I'll talked about that in a sec. 

So Elder Clarke and Elder Dean invited us over for dinner one night because we were starving. Haha. So at this members house they were planning on teaching a 16 year old girl named Sydney. Her grandparents and parents were members and everything; she just had never been baptized. But at the end of dinner, Elder a Clarke turns to me and he's like "you're gonna teach her the 1st lesson...". I was like "oh you guys are?" And he's like "no... you guys are." Hahah!! He totally gave us 2 minute notice because they had another meeting to be to. But it went SUPER well. Here's what happened! 

We were able both to have an incredible lesson with Sydney. The Elders shared the Prince of PEACE video with her and the Bensons. It was powerful for Sydney because she felt the hope that Christ brings. After the Elders left we talked about the Restoration. Brother Benson told us more about how Sydney was raised and her background. She did go to primary and YW but wasn't ever baptized. Though she had attended church a lot of her life, her knowledge of the restoration wasn't super solid. She understood what "to restore" means and a little bit about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. As we shared the first vision, the spirit was super strong. Sydney felt it. Sister Benson shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and Sydney said it really meant a lot to her to hear how her grandma feels about the gospel. We read the first and last 2 paragraphs of the intro, Moroni 10:3-5, and 2 Ne. 33:10. We talked about having faith in Christ and believing that these are His words. We invited Sydney to read from and pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She said she would. 

So yeah! That's pretty much my week! It was a hard one but definitely what I needed. Heavenly Father is so good to us. ☺️ I love my Savior. He has given my strength that is truly "not known among man".. 

Thanks for all you guys do! I love you! I pray for you! Have an amazing week!! 

Sister Hood 😁 

🌟 Let Him shine through you!🌟