California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, June 27, 2016

Jazz the SPAZZ!!

Dear Sister Seely found out that I am really fun to suprise!!  She also loves to tape my reaction to her spontaneous out bursts!!  
Yes!  I'm Jazz the Spazz!!

A movie for your pleasure and enjoyment!!

With Love, 

Sister Hood


The Elder's in my area & Sister's we went on exchanges with in my District ~ It was a blast!!

Look Who I found!!!  SPLIZ ~ with Sister Cowden!!!

I found a REGGIE on my mission ~ He totally looks different than Gussy's Reggie (Hedge Hog) - Hahaha!!

The Elder's and The Sister's ~ Hard at work!!

Love this Sister Missionary ~ Sister Cowden is the BOMB!!

Yes Momma!!  I expanded my range and tried talapia - SO YUCKY!!  It's hard to eat something that is looking right at you!!  Sister Seeley ordered it and had me give it a try ~ NO JUJU!
My chicken enchilada's were SOOOO tasty ~ YUMM!!

Jesus' Baptism ~ SO very proud of him and all his
hard work ~  It took a lot for him to make it here!
He is so inspiring ~ I know that many great blessings
are headed his way !! Aren't his kids just ADORABLE!!

BYE!!  I will miss her ~ I hope I will see her again!!

I look forward to being with the Sisters in my district!!
They are AwEsOmE!!


Howdy howdy howdy!!

So this week was pretty great!! I'm sorry I don't answer your questions.... I just get so distracted! So my foot is totally good. I run on it pretty often and it feels good. It doesn't hardly swell anymore even though it gets up to 100 all day everyday. I've gotten used to it. And I haven't even gotten sunburned yet!! 😀 miracles are real! Money situation is figured out. I got my card this week and so it works. It was good. I think I used cash last week to buy a little bit of food stuff. But it's all worked out. Sister Seely will get her card probably this week. All is well here!! Sister Seely and I get along great! We have had some pretty good laughs. Including the video I will attach... She figured that I'm so easy to scare.. .so she has started to record it... No transfers for me - they are coming out this week though - Sister Seely may get transferred soon either this time or next time but I think I will be staying her for a few more transfers because I am getting to know the area well and she has been here for some time!  I don't need anything, I have every thing I need and more!!  Yes Momma!!  We have new carbon monoxide/fire detectors that are Church approved!!  No worries!!  

So we had Jesus' baptism yesterday!! That was Amazing! So some background on him. A couple months ago the sisters were teaching his girlfriend and he was not interested at all. He was up to alot of mischief and working in some sketchy areas... he was on the road to becoming a bad dude. But when his girlfriend asked for a blessing and the Elders asked him if he wanted one too and he said sure so after that blessing he had tears in his eyes and he completely changed. It was like an Alma the younger moment. So he went through with it and TOTALLY CHANGED! He is one of the most humble people I have ever met. He used to not care about his kids but now all he talks about is his kids and not not making it all about him anymore. All he wants is what is best for his kids. At his baptism, he was crying the whole service. It was amazing. One of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had in my life. We taught the restoration after he was baptized. It was super powerful. The spirit was SO STRONG! It was insane. 

Along with the baptism, we had TONS of people to invite (teach) and catch rides for and then we were teaching the restoration and hoping Jesus was still doing what he needed to be doing for his baptism. Hoping none of the temptations Satan had already been throwing at him weren't getting to him. Satan literally was doing everything... Including turning his ex-girlfriend against him.. Messy messy break up.. But it was a busy week. Then in the morning, Sister Davis, Bishops wife, asked us if we could teach gospel principles because she couldn't make it. So that was interesting. We had a really good turn out. 3 investigators showed up along with TONS of members. It was awesome! 

Another cool thing. Sister Seely and I were able to put 4 people on date for baptism this week!!!!! It was awesome!! We just hope they will all be able to stay on date. All of them but Mary Ann are in August. Mary Ann actually set the date for her birthday which is September 18th. Cool story with her! So while I was on exchanges, Sister Seely went to see her and Sister Saxey (one of the sisters in my district.. We're like the same person) but she found out she is related to Mary Ann and they had the genealogy her family had been looking for for YEARS!! She can now do the temple work for Pocahontas!!! YES! THE POCAHONTAS! They told her that Jesus came to the native Americans. And as they read the Book of Mormon introduction, she had that moment where she was like wow...This is true!!! So that was totally a miracle and probably one of the reasons we went on exchanges!! I went with Sister Cowden in Redding where I was able to see Jeremiah & Koren. That was a freakin blast!!!!! O man! Such a party!!!! I also missed Sister Cowden so much!!

Sister Cowden ~ Sister Hood ~ Koren Pearce
Who knew I'd bump into the Pearce Family!!
Super awkward experience... Jimmy dropped us.. We tried to call him because he has been avoiding us for a couple weeks. And he rejected our call and said that he was not interested in becoming Mormon... Seeds were planted that's all that matters!! 

We also went to lunch with Jesus and his kids and I tried Sister Seeley's fish... It was interesting... 😐 hahaha!! Oh!! Sister Seely hit it so hard... So we were playing catch the middle of the street on P-day and she missed it so she went running for it. But there was a car so she was freaking out trying to get it and she ended up eating pavement... The car had stopped and just watched her eat it but it was just funny and very sad watching from a distance. Hahaha!! 

Lots of adventures here!!! There is no place I'd rather be! So much joy crammed in to a year and a half. If witnessing Jesus' change of heart is all that I accomplish on my mission I will be content. But I'm so happy knowing that there is TONS more experiences like that one to come! Love being here and serving the Lord! 

Love you all! 

Thanks for your prayers they are seriously making a huge difference! So thank you! 

Love you all!!! 


Sister Hood!!

Monday, June 20, 2016


My Zone at Zone Conference
We are the most AWESOME ZONE EVER!!

Chicken Poop & Garlic!!

Hey Everybody!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!! 😃 hahaha!! You finally got Gussy a potty bell?! That's
so cute!! I miss little Gussy Boo! Oh. So I need some good church
CDs!!  Like up beat ones would be perfect!!

Well this week was full of miracles!! So first of all, I didn't die
giving my talk... Haha. Just kidding it wasn't that bad. The spirit
totally helped me to speak fluently. But the best one was I think on
Thursday. So we were visiting a non member and we were just walking to
the car and I looked over and the spirit prompted me to go knock on
the door... So I was like uh.. Sister Seely do you know who lives
there? She was like no.. Do you wanna go knock on that door? I was
like I dunno... I guess. So we did and we just treated it like a
normal door. Showed her the refiners fire video and talked about the
Atonement and stuff. As we were talking, I realized she had a
"Families can be together forever" sign on her wall and the picture of
Jesus. Right before we left we asked her name. She said Sylvia and we
both just stopped.... She was the less active we had been like for for
WEEKS!!!!! It was amazing... SOOO cool.. She also knows Jesus and will
hopefully come to his baptism on Sunday.

The next miracle was similar. So we were doing a zone Blitz. So all
the missionaries in our zone attack a certain area. This time it was
in Palo Cedro! I will live there one day.. In case you wanted to know.
It's sooooooo pretty! But the miracle!! So we were trying to find a
new investigator for the Elders to teach but weren't having any luck.
So we prayed to be able to find a new investigator. Now this was after
like 4 hours of no one. So finally we were looking through the list of
less actives they gave us and felt like we should go there. So we got
to this little tiny lane and there were no trespassing signs
everywhere but we decided to press on because the spirit said to. But
when we got to the less actives house, it was gated off. So Sister
Seely started leave and the spirit prompted us to go to their
neighbors. I was kinda not totally for it because we had to be back in
like 10 minutes. But the spirit prompted me even stronger so we ended
up going up to the door. We knocked and a cute lady named Tiffany
opened up and we talked and she let us in and we showed her and her
cute little boys (one of them was quite the free spirit...) but we
shared a message and she asked if we had anything to read to her boys.
We were like um yeah!!! So we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was
like oh. Awesome. Ya know I've really wanted to do something like this
and I wanted to help my boys be more safe in the world... So yeah, we
set an appointment and left. We were both just dumbfounded because
nobody asks us for a Book of Mormon... It was super cool! Prayers are

Another one. Similar thing. Except for it was our car fasting day and
so we weren't able to really meet with people because our area is huge
and people live in the boonies. So after we were done cleaning the
church we started walking home. And before we left we prayed that
someone would be placed in our path to teach. So then the house next
door to the church we met Robert... We taught him the restoration,
gave him a Book of Mormon and set an appointment. So that was super

One of saddest and upsetting things I have ever witnessed.. It was
also a miracle too!! So we were meeting the Carlos that night and we
even had a member set up to meet us. But Carlos called and he was sick
so he couldn't meet. So Sister Seely felt inspired to visit a less
active. Come to find out. He was living in a 4x6 shack behind his
house because his sister kicked him out. Come to find out he hadn't
eaten for 3 days, had no way to shower, brush his teeth or get clean
clothes... We freaked out and called Brother Lequia and he gave us
food to take over to him and stuff. But the most amazing and humbling
part was in his shack he hung up a family proclamation and a picture
of the temple... He only hadn't come to church cuz his sister sold his
van... I was SOOO annoyed and upset.. Man. But somebody from the ward
was supposed to visit him and nobody did..... They were supposed to
help him out and pick him up for church but nobody did. He showed up
because his nephew brought him. But yeah. It was super frustrating but an
amazing miracle. There is no doubt in my mind that we were supposed to
go there that night.

A referral we met with. His name is Ron. He is super spiritual and
stuff. We met with him twice. I invited him to be baptized and he said
yes. We haven't set a date yet. Probably next time we meet. But yeah!
Then another referral is Sylvia. We meet with her tomorrow. She seemed
super open! Super fun stuff!!

So the chicken poop and Garlic thing. So on the Zone Blitz we did some
service. So we were digging fence post holes and just digging holes.
But this lady had chickens and she had just cleaned out the coop so
chicken poop was everywhere and it was just nasty... Then after we dug
some holes she asked us to help her tie up her garlic to dry. So now
my hands still smell like garlic after like 3 days!! But it was
awesome! I loved doing some manual labor! AND I only got a little
sunburned!! #Blessed!

Super cool week!! We've kept busy and loved the work. If you send the
package to my home it will be faster in ways of me getting it because
Antelope is like 2 hours away. But it will probably be outside most of
the day. If you do - don't send expensive stuff - it's up to you. I love you all and I love
hearing from you every week!!


Sister Hood

Monday, June 13, 2016


Sister Seely ~ Me ~ Sister Cowden ~ Sister Cowden Comp.
And The Elders 

Hey Fam!  😊

This week was super busy!! We had lots going on! So we had zone
conference which was SO POWERFUL!!! Haven't felt the spirit like that
for a long time! It was amazing! I also spoke during that. So that
was exciting... 😐 I also saw Sister Cowden!!!!! AHH!! I love her!
Then we were invited to a Priesthood Leader Meeting. Yes. Priesthood.
No typo there!! It was super awkward because we didn't realize it was
only Priesthood until we got there. I was one of the 5 sisters in the
whole chapel... Haha. It was AMAZING though! Elder Acosta of the
Seventy spoke and it was so amazing!! I got way more out of that than
I did of stake conference... We sat in the back with Jesus so I
couldn't hear anything. But my favorite thoughts from this weekend
were "if your pages aren't barren and you can still read the words,
you haven't paid enough attention to your Book of Mormon." Another
one! "God is in the details!!" I just love those! 
It was super good though!

So this week wasn't really productive, finding and teaching wise
because of all of our meetings and because how far we had to drive.
Like 45 minutes each way. So yeah. But Jesus is getting baptized on
the 26th! He was interviewed and he's good to go! He is going through
so much right now. Satan really works hard in situations like that.
But we're so proud of him for not giving into that temptation and
getting too down. It's crazy. He's such a strong guy. 
So ready and so prepared. 

Then there's Carlos. He's coming along too. We went to
dinner with the bishops wife and him and she speaks Spanish and we
decided that he would benefit more to have the Spanish Elders teach
him and us too because it will be good for him to hear it in English
too. So we introduced him to the elders and so we are switching off
teaching. He's totally gonna be baptized. He's also one who is very
prepared and humble. He already says he believes the Book of Mormon is
true. It's so cool to see the light bulb turn on. You can see it in
his eyes. That's what makes it worth all the hard times is seeing that
light turn on and they find REAL happiness. 

On to Jimmy! So he bailed
on us yesterday... But the lesson before that we had a super good
lesson and he is really soaking it in. I also had some super cool
experiences. All I will say is ministering Angels. And ancestors on
the other side. They are very real and I felt it a couple times is
week. Super cool. 

Annie bailed on us too. 
We will hopefully meet with her this week. 

We had a referral this week from Brother Castleton. His
name is Ron. We had been trying to contact him for a long time.
Finally we caught him at home and he just asked us for a Book of
Mormon and a doctrine and covenants... Haha. I was like why yes!!! We
have one right here!! Haha. So I kinda thing he's maybe ready because
he has had some super humbling experiences in his life and stuff. So
maybe he's prepared. But we'll see! But yeah. 

We also contacted a non -member. 
Her name is Maryann and Gene is her husband. All I will say is
I am definitely my mothers child. "Little buggies" everywhere!!! Oh my
goodness.... And Gene was stuffing his cigs and smoking while we were
talking about random Indian beliefs and stuff... Quite the

Oh! We met Phyllis. Now she is a Jehovahs Witness and was
just trying to convert us and I started to get irritated because
their theories just don't make sense... Not productive... She was nice
but not productive AT ALL. But yeah. But the quote comes to mind
"never give up on someone Christ died for." But with that said. Our
time as missionaries shouldn't be wasted because it's not our time. 
So yeah. That's that!!

Oh my!! So funny! So we were headed home for the night so we were both
beat! But we forgot to call for dinner for the next day. So we went to
call them and they didn't answer so Sister Seely was leaving a message
and she started praying. She was like "We love thee.. I mean you. And
I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." 😂😂😂 hahahaha!! We
were crying the whole way home!! It was so funny! We have lots of
funny experiences. Haha. 

Oh and Brother Castleton is heading over your
way so he asked if he could call you guys. So I gave him dads number.
So sometime next week. He's a super cool guy. We're also going to try
to get in the door with his wife and his son Wesley.. 
So we'll see how that goes.

Well. That's all I got for a this week!! Thanks for the prayers! I
definitely need them! I don't think I need anything! Oh. That reminds
me! President spoke in Stake Conference and he apparently said that I
may be homesick since I'm new... Haha. I wasn't there but then the
next Sunday everybody in the Ward came up and gave me big hugs and stuff
then I got a bunch of texts. Haha. Darn President. Super funny. Our
ward is awesome. But yeah. That's all for today!! Hope you have a good
week! Love y'all and pray for ya tons too!!

Love,  Sister Hood

Ps... I also was asked to speak in sacrament... So please pray for me
in that regard.. Haha.

Some More PICTS!!



Sister Hood ~ Sister Cowden
Look Who I found!!  I love her so much ~ one of my BESTIES!!!

Yep!!  I am a legend in our mission ~ Love these great people!!
Sister Seely ~ Sister Hood ~ Sister Cowden
The Elders at Zone Conference
(Check out my Lifesaver - Haha!!)

Some more great people at Zone Conference!!
Sister Seely with some of her Peeps!!
PHOTO BOMB ~ Moi (Sister Hood)- Hehehe!!

Monday, June 6, 2016


My AWESOME companion ~ Sister Seeley ~ I LOVE HER!!!
Beautiful Olive Trees!!

Beautiful Scenery!!  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

WOW!! Beautiful Sunsets!!!


LOOK HOW AWESOME ~ Can't believe I'm HERE!!!

The landscape is SO Pretty!!




A Monster of A Letter!!

Well Hello everybody!!!

Wow... That's all I can say!!! Hah! It's so good to be out here! It's
so beautiful. I have a ton to write about. So be prepared this will
be a MONSTER!! So first. My companion is Sister Seely. She is SUCH AN
AMAZING MISSIONARY! Wow... She's also so good at talking to people..
She'll just start up some random conversation and before ya know it
they have a Book of Mormon or pamphlet in their hand and she's setting
up a time to come back.. It is UNREAL. we get along pretty well. There
is some new companionship awkwardness but that's normal. Super blessed
to have her.

So Corning - It's a tiny tiny town and this area is super
agricultural. Their pride and joy here are olives... Haha.. So random.
But yes. I took a picture next to the giant olive! I just don't even
know who would have thought it would be olives! They're also known for growing
like walnuts and various kinds of tree nuts. So as you can imagine...
ORCHARDS EVERYWHERE!! It's so pretty! I have pictures that I will
send but they don't really do it justice so I'm sorry you all can't see
it for reals. We also have some gorgeous sunsets and it's really a
beautiful place. Even though it is STINKIN HOT ALL THE TIME! By noon
it's 100. And it stays like that till about 9 at night... And we can
only turn the temp down to 75... So I die at night.. I don't sleep
under blankets. I just snuggle with my blanky and try to sleep..
Haha. I've actually slept better than I thought I would at that temperature.
So that's a blessing. I also haven't gotten sunburned yet!!! I'm
actually quite shocked.. . Haha! Especially since we're in the heat

The first investigator I met was Jesus. Sister Seely told me his
story and he's basically an Alma the younger. So his girlfriend
Marybel, who was also investigating the church, asked for a blessing
so the brothers asked Jesus if he wanted one too. He said why not and
after that blessing he had tears in his eyes and he knew that he
needed to change. Before the blessing he just did whatever he wanted not taking any
thought of consequences because it didn't even matter to him. But now
he is such a different person. He's on date for his baptism on the 25th. We fasted
with him for the first time yesterday and we texted him today and asked him
how it went and he said that it went great and that it really works.
He broke up with his girlfriend and it has gotten really messy with
the kids involved and stuff... No wonder why the Lord blesses us with
His commandments. I can't imagine what their family is going through
right now.

We also met Carlos who lives right next door. We had a

lesson with him and he just went on and on about how he is super
lonely so he turns to smoking and drinking but it just makes him feel
worse. He wants so bad to change and hang out with good people and
find a good lady to marry since he is divorced. Man... If he's not
prepared I don't know who would be. We gave him the Book of Mormon and
invited him to read 2 Nephi 31. AMAZING CHAPTER! READ IT! But he was
super receptive and talked about how he kind of investigated Jehovah's
Witnesses beliefs. (Very popular here. Everyone thinks we're Jehovahs
Witness missionaries...) He also went to mass and has studied their beliefs but
he just doesn't feel like it's true. We told him that the Gospel of
Jesus Christ will bring him true happiness and blessing his life
forever. He was really excited to hear that. So we meet with him again
later this week. 

The the other day we went to find a less active. She

wasn't home so we just decided to tract in that area a little. SO
INSPIRED!! The first door we met Jimmy. I placed my FIRST Book of
Mormon with him!! Super awesome! So we're going to meet with him this
week too! Then since you can't just stop at one door like that, we knocked on
his neighbors door. A guy named Rigo came to the door and we gave him a
Restoration pamphlet and told home we would give him a Book of Mormon
this week when we meet with him!! It was great! Then a couple days
earlier we, again, were looking for a less actives home and we ran
into Annie. 

Annie was out walking her dog and we just started talking to

her. She's from Chicago. She has more of an East coast accent so
kinda laughed becaues she sounds like Ducks (Jackie's)old lady Delawarian accent! 😂
She was awesome though. She's super close with her family and stuff.
So we are meeting with her again this week as well! We'll just talk
about family and maybe family history. That is a HUGE way to get in
the door with people. The spirit of Elijah is a real thing!! Super
awesome. The Church is now printing family history pamphlets. An investigator 
can fill out a couple generations and then with our help or the wards
help they can work on their family history and stuff. Then that leads
into the temple and other doctrine. So it's awesome. It was a super
successful week for new investigators!! It's was super cool!!

So our Ward is the BEST!!! Every night we have a dinner. Even if it's
an empty day on our dinner calendar, if we just call up somebody
they're always glad to feed us. Speaking of food. I had 2 SALADS IN A
ROW!! My first salad scared me because, as most of you are aware, I
gag when I eat salad. It's a serious problem!! So I prayed super fast
that I would be able to eat it without gagging because obviously
that's gross and rude and just a no no.. Haha. So I put together my taco
salad and started eating and BOOM!! This Sister DID NOT GAG!! Now you
may just laugh at that but seriously.. It was really a miracle!! I kid
you not!! Haha!! Same with the other salad. Everyone serves salads because
they're cool and refreshing and easy of course. So yeah. Missionaries
are blessed! Haha! We have eaten with the Ramirez family. They have
been converts for a little over a year. They adopted 4 little kids.
Their story is amazing. But those kids are THE sweetest kids I've
ever met and so well behaved too. We also ate with the Call family. Wow..
These people just blow me away!! They're such a strong family. Sister
Call has brought so many people back to the church. And they're so
humble. They're son Seth, he's like 13 or 14 and on the weekends when
he has free time he will just go serve the single sisters in the ward.
Then Brother Call does everything. They literally live in the middle
of an orchard and they have several workers that work there on the
orchard. They are the most down to earth people I've ever
met.. It's awesome!! Then we met with the St. Georges. They're an older
couple. Super nice. That's where I ate my second salad. Which was also
a miracle.. Haha!! We ate with another family who was great too.
They're all amazing!! Haha. Especially the Lequia's!! He's the mission
leader and he's like our grandpa! Coolest people ever!!! Haha. We also
ate with the Finefrocks. She is from Mexico so she made this AMAZING
chicken that could kill a person it was so good... I literally touched
it with my fork and it fell off the bone.. It was so good!! I like
the way they eat Mexican food... They just throw stuff in a tortilla
and eat it. Haha. I don't really know why but I think it's great!!

Then we also met Brother Carlton. We were looking for a referral this

time in a mobile home park and we were just tracting a little bit and
then we came to this trailer and a cute little lady was out there
doing something and we noticed a picture of Joseph Smith in a box of
things and so we asked her about it and she was like oh yeah that's
Richard's. So she went to get him and he was so excited to see us!
Haha. Super cute elderly man. He bore his testimony to the lady. Man.. He
has a POWERFUL testimony! We gave Patsy, the lady, a pamphlet and
stuff but she was Jehovah's Witness but who knows what could happen!
Bro. Carlton also bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting and it was AMAZING!!
He was born Hebrew and stuff he was baptized in '69. He is a super
Cool guy!! 

I also bore my testimony in sacrament! So during our lesson

with Jesus this morning, the Spirit told me I would bare my
testimony in Sacrament Meeting. So I was trying to avoid it all morning and
I couldn't sit still in sacrament and then Sister Seely leans
over and she's like are you gonna introduce yourself..? And then I was
like Welp! There it went.. Then I got up and it was good. I felt so
much better!! The Spirit knows how to poke you enough to get you to do whatever.
It's a good thing though!

Oh!! So our house story!! Haha! Ohh boy.. So we live in the cutest
house I've ever seen! Pictures are coming! But we locked our keys in
the house and our car keys were on the same time thing so we were
kinda stranded.. Haha. We also had dinner and we were already late to
that.. But we decided to try and break in. We popped the screen out
and the slid the window open and I hopped in and luckily the keys were
on the table... Haha. It was quite the adventure. It freaked us out
though because it was super easy to get in. We locked the windows and
everything though so we're safe now. Except for when Sister Seely
leaves the keys in the door over night!!!! AHHHH... that was a miracle
too... They were still in the door when we got outside at like in
the morning. I can testify that missionaries are protected!! Hahaha..
Don't freak out mom.. I'm paranoid even more so now. Haha, you would
be proud!!

So I met Brother Castleton at Church and his parents were with him.

They live in Woods Cross, UT and they know Mr. Robinson who was a wrestling
coach at Viewmont. I've known him for like 3 years. So that's weird.
They also know that he Squires in our Stake!! Small world!! Everyone
has connections the everyone is Corning.

So my foot does indeed swell in the heat. But I'm not worried
about it. It hasn't hurt at all. So that's super awesome. I only need
some good Church CDs.  I forgot to pack hangers but I'll just grab some at the Redbluff Walmart
so no worries. I haven't been homesick! Of course, I miss you all like
crazy but Corning is where I need to be. Thanks for all your prayers!
I can seriously feel them strengthening me. Heavenly Father answers
prayers. It's a real thing!!

A couple things in my studies that have been awesome are in 2 Nephi
4:26-35. Nephi is so happy but so desperate for the Lord to be more
prominent in his life. I invite all of you to ponder upon how you can
have that same desperation for the Savior to be more involved in your
life. We all should be desperate for Him to be with us always. We, after all, are nothing
without Him. He is our everything. Also. In John 12: 35-36; 46 ( I
think..) Jesus talks about light. Read that and change out light for
Christ. It's soo amazing!!! He is our light. Without Him we would be
in everlasting darkness. I'm so grateful to be representing Him. It's
such a privilege - I feel so inadequate but I know he will help me - He is real and I love Him.

I love you all so much. Thanks for all your support!!


Sister Hood!!


My DESK!!