California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, September 5, 2016


Hey hey!!

It is actually cooling down a little! It's actually been pretty nice! Everything is going good! I actually eat healthy!!!... Ish. Haha. I eat salad almost everyday! And today I actually bought lettuce for lunch... Whaaaa....? Hahaha!! I like veggies now guys. Proof that a mission can change you!! Haha.😊 

Aw, Family ... I love ya more than words can express! I just look around at all the families who are broken or who don't support each other or who don't have a worthy priesthood holder in the home or a loving, faithful mother to raise kids up unto the Lord. I am just so grateful. I always ask myself why I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to be with you all in is life as well as in the eternities. TRULY BLESSED!! 😊😇💖💖💖 I honestly don't understand Heavenly Fathers love at all... It just blows my mind. Nevertheless, I cannot express my gratitude for that love and mercy that He blesses us with everyday!! 

This week was good! Honestly, all is really great. I just love being a missionary. There is no greater feeling than to see someone light up because the spirit touches them. I love that feeling I get when I just hunger to testify of truth to EVERYONE!! I just want everybody to have that feeling.. How much greater can the joy get from that. Well. It may have gotten there today! It was just such a glorious day!! 

Ah!! Got up, opened my fast for those things I need the Lord's help with and those whom I love with all my heart! Went to meetings and then it was time for church! We had Margurate and Cam, the Wallace Family, Sister Mcka and her grandsons (quite the miracle because they hadn't come to church for at least 6 months and they just lost her husband to cancer 2 weeks ago...), Felicia came. I dunno if I talked about her much but she is working towards her baptismal date in January.. She chose it not us.... 😕 But yeah! 

So we had 5 'gators to church this week!!! So great! (Sorry Ma, should have explained what 'gators were.. Hahah!) it was just such a powerful testimony meeting!! Probably the most powerful in my life.. And I'm not even exaggerating.. The spirit was just so strong and my thoughts were just directed at the Savior and those we are teaching. It was great. Then!! The best part!! Jesus got up and bore his simple testimony. He said that he knew the church was true because he had been trying to change all his life but he never could until now. He said he just knew it was true. It made us both cry!! He is like our child!!! Hahah, awkward? slightly... True? 

Absolutely!! 😂😊 we just love him so much.. Oh!! And to top everything off!! We found out that Austin AND Jesus are being ordained to the priesthood next week!!!! AHHHH!!! Both of our children our growing up!! Haha. It's so amazing!!! Then we witnessed a ward baptism! That was great! Cutest little girl! Her name is Rylee. We were standing in the hall for the baptism because it was CRAMPED full of wardies. But it was amazing just hearing the prayer and then the best part was the sound of her being immersed in the water... Best sound I have ever heard!! ☺️ SO GREAT!! Best day for quite a long time!! At dinner, we ate with the Skousen's and their daughter, Becca, just got her call to Raleigh, NC. And Emily came with us to dinner. She is basically our 3rd companion! She comes out with us all the time! She also plans to serve! But they practice taught us and it was SO good!! I was super impressed! 😊 

Speaking of practice teaching, a lesson bailed and Becca was already at the church which is where we were meeting! So! We decided to practice teach!! Me and Becca tag teamed it. We taught Sister Seely the Restoration and it was actually SUPER powerful! Made Sister Seely cry! Which, in and of itself, is a feat because she RARELY even gets teary!! So that was really cool. And boosted my confidence in teaching. Because ya know, teaching is scary so often times I will sit there without anything to say but that has gotten a lot better since I have had more time out here and as my faith has been strengthened!! It's really cool! But yeah. That was an amazing experience! 

Exchanges!!!! Happened twice this week! Haha. Once because of Mission Leadership Council and once because it was exchanges for reals.. 😊 first, I was with Sister Frost! She's from Provo. She is just a baby in the mission. She is super good at testifying tho! Holy Moly!! We got along great and had some great things happen in good Ol' Corning!! I can also drove now that I'm not a greenie anymore!! WOOT WOOT!! 😂 Then I went up to Redbluff with Sister Johnson! I have been one exchanges with her before but not on her turf. So that was interesting... Haha. he hadn't really planned much so it was a little rough. The main thing I learned though is that obedience is what moves the work forward.. Without obedience, nothing will happen Luckily, I have a great trainer who has taught me how to be obedient and a conscience always helps. Haha. Overall, it was a great experience! 

So with the 'gators... They are dwindling... Haha. So Ron and MaryAnn we took off date. 😫😞 we STILL haven't met with him because he is in Eureka working... And MaryAnn just isn't progressing.. We were going to meet with her but she bailed on us. Typical missionary life. But it's all good!!! We had a great lesson with Adam!!  He is a super cool guy. He is super intellectual. He writes poems and stuff and he talks way to smart for me.. Haha. So sometimes he loses me when he talks but most the time I follow. 😅😉 but he thinks of God as more of a maternal figure. Therefore, to him, God is female.... Interesting point of view.. But yeah. He said that he isn't going to be our "next convert".... We shall see... 😂😂😉 when they say that they don't realize what they just did. Even if we are just planting seeds with him, I know he will come around. They always do! But it was good. We talked about the Book of Mormon  and the Bible and how they work together. He thought it was amazing. We invited him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon  is true. He said he would try... I don't like that answer but I know the spirit will work on him. He is looking for direction so we testified that the Book of Mormon  can answer any question life throws at you. Doesn't matter what it is, I have found that NY question can be answered through the Book of Mormon and sincere prayer. So that's what we told him! Going back this week!! Woo!! 

So we saw the Wallace's this week. Aw man! They're a riot! Haha. Brother Wallace is a pretty rough dude. He has a massive snake tattoo going up his arm, a nice mustache. He is a way friendly guy and his wife is super nice too! We were helping the figure out his dad's funeral arrangements and she didn't feel comfortable really doing it because there was some bad blood in there, I guess. So we were helping them put things together. Then they fed us dinner!! mm.. Brother Wallace makes a MEAN tri-tip!! It's just like steak in case you are like me and had no idea what that was until a month after I got here.. But it's so good! Great dinner!! 
ate so much.. Haha. I just kinda click with them. I don't know, they are just no nonsense people and super down to earth! I just love them! I was actually sitting in sacrament yesterday and basking in the spirit and it whispered to me that they are why I am in Corning. It was crazy because I was thinking about that a couple days before. Ya know, you always here people say that they find someone they know they went to that area for. And I was wondering if I had a certain person or if it was to teach me something. But apparently it was both!! So that was something pretty cool. 😊

We saw Sister Bryant. Part member family. Never had met them before but she was super nice. He isn't a member but he has been through SO many companionships. So we talked with her and showed her "Our True Identity"! Ahh!! It's so good!! WATCH IT! That was a great visit. I have come to the conclusion that I need to spread my wings! I love Sister Seely to death, but it has been time for quite awhile! On exchanges with Sister Frost, it was awesome! I was lead by the spirit to see people, including the Bryant's and I was able to do things better when I was free to fly. I just get complacent with Sister Seely. It's too easy to just let her to it because it's easier for both of us sometimes. But I like it better when I can do it and learn from my own mistakes. That's really the only way I learn things... As we have all probably noticed!! 😂 but transfers are on the 20th. And she is for sure getting the boot. It will be bitter sweet for sure. We actually work really well together now and have tons of fun. 😊 

Oh my goodness!!!! So. These members that we ate with this week. They have gone on like 3 missions. He is the patriarch and walking into his home is almost, but not quite, like 
walking into the temple. The spirit is that strong in their home. It's crazy! But that wasn't the point.. So their missions!! When they came home their kids had made them a book with pictures and parts of emails in it. And it was just the best Thing of my life!! So... Mommy... Haha. Ya know, if you are ever board, you could always make your Beadie McBoodle Berry a book like that.. But of course, just a suggestion... 😉😘 

Welp! The time has come, my dear Family! Thanks for all you guys do! I love ya tons and tons! I just can't wrap my head around how blessed we are to be sealed forever... Even though ya'lls  are a buncha WACKOS! 😉

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! I love ya so much! Oh!! And happy anniversary you two love birds!! 😂😂😂 glad you're my pocito and my momito!! Don't have too much fun without me. 😊

Thanks for the cute recording of the primary kiddos! That was ADORABLE!! I love primary!! Thanks for the pictures of baby Gus Bus! He's just the cutest!! I'm so glad he can be a big boy and stay home by himself! Give him a snuggle from
Beadie! 😂😉 have a great week!! 

Love y'alls

Sister (Beadie McDoodle Berry,Geadie Gear, Beadie Lump, whatever ya wanna call me..) Hood

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