California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Aw.. it's so good to hear from you guys. I love y'alls. ☺

Welp!! Here we are again! Writing/reading the weekly email. Isn't it weird how time just keeps on going! And it goes STINKIN fast sometimes... it's sad because my time here in Corning is coming to an end. But the good news is that there are sooo many great things happening here. 

But first, Mommy I don't need really need my snow boots or my coat cuz It doesn't snow here.. hah!! Just my regular boots and warm clothes will be awesome. 😊 also, I will be transferred Nov. 1st, so what ever you think is better for sending the package.  I'm excited to get it though! I feel like I wear the same outfits over and over.. 😝 so it will be nice to switch it up. 

My first day when I was talking to President Marston, he shared with me Doctrine and Covenants 31. In verse 5 it says that if we thrust in our sickles with ALL YOUR SOUL, and in the next verse it says to declare the word for a little time and I (the Lord) will prepare a place for them... Pres. told me and there is a place held there wide open for everyone to jump in. We also have to our part. Which is keeping our covenants and thrusting in our sickles with our WHOLE SOULS. That's what is going to bring all of his children in, if not now, later for sure. I have faith that one day our loved ones that are lost will find their way once again. I know one day our whole family will be sitting together in the temple one day... I feel that that's true. The Spirit has promised me that several times.. 

Anywho! Let's get on with it shall we! So! The highlights of the week!! We have 2 baptisms coming right up!! And no... I did not forget to tell you about these.. they both picked a date this week... hah! So.. it will be crazy.. so Kodi is getting baptized on the 30th! She's pretty close to ready I think. We prayed that it would happen if it was Heavenly Father's will and lo and behold! Here we are counting down! We still have a lot to teach her! But we are mainly focusing on the most Important things. And it makes things interesting when we are really trying to help her understand everything and she is off the wall doing whatever... patience is becoming a thing... but!! The other almost member is Nick! He is 9. He is different from the Nick that looked like the lost puppy. But he is pretty cute. Haha. He shoulda been baptized a year ago but his mom/grandma didn't think he was ready.. his date is 23rd... and no, not of November.. haha. I mean this coming Sunday,. Hah!! So stressful.. but he's a sponge so we will be good. So yeah!! Those are the highlights! 

Ron dropped us yesterday... oh my gosh... I literally cried.... he called us during ward council and left a message saying that he didn't want to bother with the church thing right now... it broke my heart.. ah!! We had such a great lesson on the Atonement and HE CRIED!!!!! BAHHH!! Stupid Satan.... I really did cry though.. it was so sad. 😔 but, ya know, we are johnny-appleseed-isn't it up out here. Hah! Good one, eh? 

We had a lesson with Margurate. That was great. Aw! I just love her!! I held Wilma. Haha... you'll see who Wilma is. 😏 but she was telling us that she just keeps feeling this resonating feeling when we meet with her. It just stays with her.. we try to help her recognize that it's the spirit. And she did but it hasn't quite clicked with her yet. She's a slow cooker but she'll come around 😊 

So we had interviews with President this week. That was great! Ah! He is just so loving and so wise. I love hearing his thoughts. But I told him about some weird things that have been happening in our home... like one night, Sister Fitz just went to bed because she wasn't feeling well. So I was just sitting at my desk reading my signing journal and I kept hearing noises in the kitchen and nothing was there. Then suddenly I would feel a presence standing right behind me. I would turn around and nothing was there.. it FREAKED me out!! Of course I prayed and whatnot, but the uneasiness I felt didn't go away. I woke up like 4 times during the night and wandered around the house. It just felt wrong... then during comp study the next day, Sister Fitz read something that reminded her of her dream she had where she was casting out devils..... I about lost it.. haha. And it had been getting progressively worse as time has gone on. so. I brought that up with Pres. We talked about it and he advised us to have our Ward Mission Leader bless our home and maybe give us blessings too. So. That's what happened yesterday. It feels so much better. But in our closing prayer he asked that legions of angels would stand as sentinels guarding our home and watching over it that nothing dark would be able to enter in. I thought that was SOOO powerful!! Man.. super cool. So yeah! That was great! I always enjoy my time with President Marston! 

We also went on exchanges on Saturday. That was good... I prefer to just my own thing in my area but it's always good to learn from other Sisters. I like my companion though.. Haha. We flow well together and we just work well together. And that's how it was with Sister Seely too. I just don't like exchanges a whole lot! Nevertheless!!! I feel not to murmur. I will go and do the things which the Lord commanded. 😊 

Well, Sister Fitz and I were talking about sacrifice and service yesterday. I love what she said. She said that it's not really a service or sacrifice unless it hurts a little. It's so true!! Service is a sacrifice. And what's the pointing of sacrificing something if it doesn't even hurt a little. It wouldn't even be a sacrifice... anyway. I just liked that. So we are trying to give more to those around us. So it will be fun. 

Oh!! Yesterday we spoke in Sacrament... oh good ghandi.. I was freaking out all week. Because there is ZERO time to do anything but teach people.. haha. But I am glad to say that it went pretty well. ☺️ They asked us to talk about one talk from General Conference. So I chose The Master Healer from the Women's session. It spoke to me. Love just anything that has to do with Jesus! 😊 so I will attach my talk if y'all are bored and miss me. 😉 hah!! But Sister Fitz talked about Elder Bednars talk, If Ye Had Known Me or something... but apparently there were tears in the congregation and our talks touched a guy who had come for the first time in years and years. Brother Lequia said that he walked out crying because it was right down his alley. I prayed like crazy to touch someone's heart, that the spirit would speak through me. And it did apparently. And I feel very inadequate when I have to speak, so of course I asked Heavenly Father to make my weaknesses become strong. So, everybody said we did really well. So that was a major tender mercy. I feel so much strength come from the Atonement. It's just such a blessing. 

Welp! That's about all I got for ya!! I love you guys a lot and I'm so grateful for each of you and the impact you have had on my life. Especially, you, mom and dad. If you weren't strong I wouldn't be either. But one thing I learned from Zone Meeting this week is that everything we have as members of the church is because of the First Vision. Think about it, it will blow you away. 😊 well. I love ya! Have a great week!! 


Sister Hood

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