California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hey peeps!! 😊

Mom and Dad and Duck, thanks sooo much for the package! I finally got it and it was seriously like Christmas!! I got another package and a couple letters! It was so great! 😊 I love you guys a lot!

Peace out Corning, new area here I come! It was a sad goodbye... its like leaving home all over again. And quite honestly, I didn't realize what I had until I lost it... don't get me wrong, I like my new area, but it's no Corning.. haha. I'll send come pictures of the goodbyes and stuff. It was kinda sad but I'm growing more here. 😊 growing pains are real!! Haha... 

Welp! It went down! Transfers happened and I'm still alive and kickin! My new area has like 9 tiny towns included into it. It includes Sutter county and Meridan. HUGE AREA!!!! Seriously, we drive over an hour and we are still in our area... 😳 it's awesome tho!! Oh man! There is so much to do here! We try our best to find most days and have a couple planned lessons with people. So that's good! Seriously though!! I'm super excited to just dig in and baptize nations!! I LOVE missionary work! It's funny! Something about the area! It's the longest standing branch IN THE WORLD!!! Our goal: make this baby branch a ward!! 😝 crazy! Why it's like that? Well... let's just say the branch members don't want things to change so it makes our job a tad bit harder.... But I feel so blessed to have the responsibility of the work here. It's a lot to take on but I'm super excited. 

They are encouraging y'all to send stuff directly to our house. It gets there quicker. But of course, if you feel more comfortable with the mission office that's still an option. 😊 it's great! Still blessed with a house! we have lots of room! It actually used to be a senior couples home! We also have couches.... 😁 coveted in the mission field.. hahahah!! We don't time to really use them though so ya know. I'll show y'all some pictures!

As for my new companion, Sister Duncan, we seriously have a riot!! Haha... we laugh way too much! She is so great at making it a gospel conversation instead of just a lesson. I'm super impressed with her ability to teach, her prayers are also amazing!! We have a lot of fun! We are so much alike it's kinda weird.. haha. 

This week we had a few lessons. Not as many as I'm used to but it's a new area, new branch, new comp, new people... haha. Everything is different! So that's interesting. But with the lessons we had, we were able to testify. It's addicting!! Once you are bold and bare testimony by the spirit, you want to keep finding people who will listen to you testimony because you want to keep sharing it!! It's so great! This week I told a lady that was apprehensive to meet with us that what we have is what she needs and it's the only way she can live with her family and God again and be happy forever. It was powerful!! I love it when that happens!! Man... it's so cool to be a vessel of the spirit and to let others feel it thru you.. such a privilege! 

Well, that's pretty much my week! I did meet a bunch of members and they are all super nice. They just don't quite see the need to change yet. But they will eventually. I also got up and bore my testimony again. It's always fun when you can't sit still then your comp nudges you... don't have a choice at that point! Haha.. 

Funny/awkward story though.. haha, so we were knocking on this one door and the lady had a southern draw and was super funny, haha. I just had my hair down that day and she was like "honey, how'd you get your hair to look that pretty?" I just said I just threw some mousse in it. She was like "honey! I'm gonna spank you!!" Hahaha!!!! Whaaaat.... I was quite taken back... she didn't of course but it was just the awkwardness of the whole situation. 

Here's a cool thought from this week! So it's talking about calves in the stable. 
"Contemplate the difference between a calf that is raised out on the range or in the mountains and one that is raised in a barn. The calf on the range is subject to all the forces of nature: inclement weather, predatory animals, and occasional scarcity of food and water. On the other hand, the calf raised in the barn or in a stall is protected from poor weather and predatory animals. Likewise, food and water are regularly provided. Nephi taught that “the time cometh speedily that the righteous must be led up as calves of the stall” (1 Nephi 22:24)."

I learned from that that it's a good thing to be sheltered! It is a blessing to be in the security of the stable! The world makes it sound like it's a bad thing but it's truly a blessing! 😊

Anyway. I love you guys!! Thanks for all your support! It goes a long way. 😊 you're all in my prayers. 

Sister Hood

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