California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Hello peeps!! 

It has been another eventful week here in C-Heights!! Life is great! We see miracles, endure hard things and bring people closer to Christ! And of course, we have way too much fun! 😁😉 

Something super cool that happened this week! So at District meeting, we usually share a miracle that happened in the past week! So a couple Elders in our district shared how they were tracting and walked up on this car that had its lights on. So they went and knocked on the door and an old lady answered and so she said she would get her grandson out there to fix it. So they continued to tell the story and they explained that he had investigated the church before and his dad was a recent convert and stuff. We asked his name and it was O'Ryan Gibson! I FREAKED OUT!! Missionaries have been looking for this kid for MONTHS!! He had a date and everything then suddenly he just dropped off the face of the earth! He told the elders the only reason he wasn't baptized was cuz he didn't quite smoking!!!! So they set up an appointment with him and invited us, since he is ours. hah! But he never showed up unfortunately.. BUT!! We are still looking for him! It was just a huge miracle! I seriously COULD NOT believe it.... 

We had a lot of interesting things happen this week! We met an old guy who told us the best weed was from Auburn! 😂😂 aw man... so many people smoke weed here it's ridiculous. 😁 funny people. 

We had an awesome dinner! Members invited us over and we had a nerf war/capture the flag! It was a RIOT!! 

Here's the highlight of the week! ☺️ 

Followed up with her reading and praying. She said she has been trying to do both. She really enjoys the BOM. When she prayed about the BOM she didn't really feel like she got an answer. She feels like this is all good so she wants to continue learning and stuff. We shared Gal. 5 and talked about how it might feel. She asked about Heavenly Mother. We told her we believe in Her but we don't know a lot. Sang O My Father because it talks about Her. The spirit was strong. She loves to sing and would like to be involved in the ward choir. Brinlee invited her institute and the YSA because she was saying she wants to find some good people to hang out with.  Talked A little bit about agency and our purpose here on earth. Talked about prayer. She understands it really well. Invited her to pray vocally on her knees. She liked the idea of a gratitude prayer. She tried that at the end. ☺

She also came to the YSA!!! Whoop whoop!!! She really liked it and everybody was super kind to her! Appreciate that SO much! ☺

Lyzel & Zeiahne (zee-Ann):
They were referred to us by the tempo park elders because they speak the Filipino language and they're both girls. We stopped by their place so the elders could introduce them to us. We got to know them a little bit and what they believe in. We showed the Because of Him of video and shared our purpose as missionaries. We asked what stood out to them in the video and Zeiahne, who seems more interested, answered that through Jesus Christ anything is possible. We shared that we have a living a prophet who as authorized by God to oversee His Church and testify of Him. We asked them if they would be interested in learning more and they said yes. 

Later this week we went back and taught just Zeiahne and it was awesome!! 

Round 2!!:
we talked to her about how we, as missionaries, help people prepare to make covenants with Heavenly Father. We asked her if that's something she was interested in and she said yes! So we continued to teach her the restoration. When we got to the first vision, I was the one who was able to recite it to her. It was SO powerful.. probably to most powerful restoration lesson I've ever been in. The spirit was so strong! And she totally felt it. She said she felt so much peace! And then when we taught her about the BOM, we asked what she thought and she said she feels like there is truth in the book and she needs to read it! Then we taught her how to pray. She said she normally prays with the sign of the cross because she's catholic. But when she prayed the way we taught her, she said she felt so much more peace and so much better!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I coulda died. As Sister De Leon was teaching her, I was trying to catch her body language and what she was thinking and you could see the spirit enlightening her. It was so cool!! 

She invited us over for dinner on Sunday because we didn't have any dinner plans. And it was awesome to just chat with her and stuff. But when we tried to share a thought or something, she wouldn't let us... then we asked her about her date. She said she doesn't wanna set one for right now. She said she needs to figure somethings out... so. All we can do now it just be there for her and not push. What we are planning on, is taking it from the top and going thru everything again. So! Please keep her in your prayers... 😞

So for the spiritual thought this week, I thought I would share an awesome quote President Marston emailed us. In preparation for Easter, he sends us talks and scriptures to study about the Atonement and it has been amazing to study about the Atonement each day in my personal study. Here's one of the quotes he sent out: 

“The Atonement of Christ is nothing less than the answer to the great and terrible question that life inevitably poses: “Is this all there is?”
If you are a saint, you know that this is a wicked world; if you are the most cynical and worldly unbeliever, you still know by experience that it is a vicious one. 
It seems that everything we want here is either destructive or trivial …
But it doesn’t have to be that way. 
That is just the point. 
The Atonement makes available the only kind of lasting life worth having.”

                                                                        --Hugh W. Nibley

It really comforts me to know that this isn't all there is. Hugh Nibley hit the nail right on the head. It's a terrifying thought to think of our world, here as we know it, being it for the rest of forever. Nothing here can bring us true joy and true fulfillment except it be the the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank goodness for the Atonement because we know that we will live again and we have the potential to have complete joy in our Fathers presence with our Savior and our families FOREVER. I will forever be grateful for the blessing He has given me to have that opportunity to reach far beyond my own abilities and take hold of something greater than I deserve! He is so merciful and so loving. He is just looking for opportunities to bless us. 

Such is life these days, my friends!! It's never a dull moment on the mish! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Savior. It's never easy but always worth it! Have an amazing week! Love you all! 

Sister Hood!

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