California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, May 1, 2017


My dear friends and fam! 

Welp! It has been the busiest week of my life but I can't, for the life of me remember what happened! It's normal though so don't think I'm getting dementia or something. The mission veil is even real on the mission!! Haha... funny how that works. 

Well! Let me tell you! We have been SO incredibly blessed this week! I have learned a great deal about humility... so. I will tell you my story. SO! At district meeting, we wrote our numbers up on the board and they were all blown away... haha. It was kinda funny. Well, they said we couldn't get at least 5 new 'gators 2 weeks in a row... well, we took that as a challenge and got "puffed up" as the scripture say, and said "WANNA BET?!?" Needless to say, of course they did! Haha. So we set a goal of 11 for our district this week and we had to get 5 and if we did they would buy us ice cream. But if we didn't, whoever got the most got their ice cream paid for. So yeah. We went on our way cocky and relying on our own strength. And guess how many we had up until Thursday morning... a BIG FAT ZERRROOO!!! ☹️ then Thursday we basically jumped on a girl that walked outside to take the garbage out... she was our only one until Saturday.. well, by then we basically gave up on our goal of 5 and free ice cream, along with the highly coveted bragging rights. 😂 that right there was our problem. We had our eye single on the ice cream and the glory of men. Not single to the glory of God... though we had repented after district meeting, Heavenly Father still needed to teach us what it was like to be humble again. He has quite a way with things like that.. but Saturday was FULL of miracles!!! 

We found 6 NEW INVESTIGATORS IN ONE DAY!! That's insane!! Man, miracle after miracle. Given, some of them were in the same home, but it's still incredible that we found that many. All together this week we had 8. So that was awesome. It amazes me that even after I am the most prideful person, Heavenly Father still wants us to succeed and bring people to the Savior. It just blows my mind. He didn't have to bless us with those miracles. Ah!! I just love Him! 😊

Welp! This week we also had a child of record baptism. They asked us to be part of the program so that was cool. But the one mistake was leaving it to us to fill the font.... neither of us had ever done that before. We thought everything was going smoothly but we didn't realize it was kinda like a bath tub.. haha. If you leave the hot water one, it's gonna cook your goose. Soo!! We almost boiled a child instead of baptizing her. Luckily they were able to cool it down quick enough, haha!! Oopsies! 😂 

We are supposed to have a baptism this weekend for our investigator named Robbie. He is a cool guy. I have only talked to him twice because he has kinda dropped off the face of the earth! He has bailed/forgot about our past 3 lessons we were supposed to have. He also didn't come to church this week... so that's really scary. 😬 please keep him in your prayers. His situation is not exactly ideal either... meddling people in your life never make it easy, especially when you're trying to do Gods will.. 😕 

We also have baptisms on the 20th for young boys! Their names are Mobein (15) and Rameen (12). There have been some serious bumps in the road but, we are working through that and everything seems to be working out! Just keep them in your prayers too! 

We saw Stressly and Rebecca this week! Here's what went down with them! 

It was so great to see them! We read the title page and the intro of the Book of Mormon with them. We talked about what the Book of Mormon. Asked what their thoughts were. Rebecca asked some questions, which were awesome. Stressly understood the invitation of the Book of Mormon. We asked what he thought. He said he was just thinking about things.. asked how he liked church. He said it was good and people were nice. We told him what missionaries do. Asked if he would be interested in learning more, he said he would be comfortable with reading the Book of Mormon when we come over. But he didn't specifically say he wanted to learn more. He told us that he believes in a Creator but he grew up with the Native American beliefs. We let him know that we aren't there to slam things down his throat by any means and that we will still be coming over to see them both whether it is for him or Rebecca. It was really good though. They said they will both be to church. Buut! They weren't because Rebecca got sick.. ☹️ 

A super cool miracle this week was with Jayla (9), Tiana (15), and Vanessa (17). They are 3 of the new investigators we found this week. They were super cool with us! I may not seem like any spectacular missionary experience, which it really wasn't. But at the same time it was. They were so open and they said that they really needed Jesus in their lives. So it was awesome. 😊 Here's the thingy: 

We stopped by and they let us in. We shared the Prince of Peace video. They said they really liked it. We told them what missionaries do and that this will bless their family and make it possible for them to be an eternal family. They asked us about if we were born into the church, if it helps us get through things. They said they wonder about why we're here and what happens after. Gave them the Plan of Salvation Pamphlet to read. They were excited about that. Invited them to church. They said they would be there!! It was awesome! They said they all need Jesus in their lives. ☺

Another amazing thing this week. So our first new investigator Amanda. We went back to our return appointment, talked to her mom and she just basically told us that they weren't interested. So we were like dang... so we get in the car and look through the area book for a second and then the neighbor pulls up. We had been trying to catch Sister Mosby for weeks now!! And there she was, pulling up in the driveway right in front of us! No coincidence!! 😁 super cool! She has THEE fattest cat I have ever seen! Her name is Rotunda! 😂 if that's not a fat cat name, I dunno what is. Haha! I took a picture and made it a meme because I think I'm funny sometimes.. haha. 

So for the "people of Chico" this week! I will send a couple videos! 😁 man I love these people! Don't know what I have done without these experiences up till this point of my life! You can always count on the peeps here to make you laugh! ☺️ 

That was basically this week!! We're going on a hike to mine shafts this week!! WOOP WOOP!! So stay tuned for the pictures/videos!! 😁 

I love you guys! Thanks for all you do! You're always in my prayers! 

Sister Hood
🌟 Let Him shine through you!🌟

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