California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hey Fam and Friends!!

Well! First things first,,, I busted my dang foot... haha... ON THE THIRD DAY!!!... So the story about that! My teacher told us he wanted us to run up to the 5th level and back down to the 1st level because we were learning about stress management!... Ironic I know! So of course, I'm cruising up the stairs racing the Elders when I got to the 5th floor, ran across to the other stair case when just before the stairs my ankle gave out, my outside toes curled under my foot, it popped SO loud and i was down! At first I was laughing because of course that would happen but then it immediately started swelling on the side of my foot and it got to about the size of a golf ball before the other AMAZING sisters could carry me down while teaching me the Plan of Salvation! :D It was great! So Sister Cowden, my amazing companion, ran down the stairs to tell Brother Cook that I just ate it. Apparently she ran in the room laughing. haha!! :D I just went on icing it and everything during class and I asked the Elders to give me a blessing. Which was AMAZING!!! aside from the gallon of oil they dumped on my head!! :D They're the best tho! Later on, we decided we should really go find the doctor on campus, who ended up not being there. So the Elders pushed me in a rolly chair through the campus. It was a blast! We were drifting around corners and I almost fell off a couple times but it was great! When we got to the right building, Sister Cowden ran up the stairs to see if the clinic was open. Meanwhile, I go hopping around down hallways while the Elders are yelling at me to stop because I was gonna die.. Which I eventually did. They saw the whole thing too. haha!! It was like in the movies when people it hard everyone is like "oooooooooo" Man. I have some gnarly bruises!! I forgot the thing for my pictures so I'll have to shoot them to you guys next week! But the doctor visits are when it gets ridiculous!! RULE NUMBER ONE!!! NEVER GO TO THE RIVERWOODS URGENT CARE! They took an x-ray of my foot and then the doctor called us back and he basically just told me that I just sprained it. He wrapped it up, told me to ice and let us go. As we're walking out, he asked us to come back in. He apparently didn't even look at my x-ray's or anything because he told us that it was a possibility that I had a fractured foot. So he gave a zombie shoe thing to wear in about a week when I could put pressure on it. So we left there not really knowing what to think. On Sunday, we met with out Branch President and he asked me what I did, so I told him the story and he said that we should talk to the doctor here because he doesn't trust Insta-care either. So he set me up an appointment I guess. The doctor said it looks like there was definitely a fracture. He gave me a boot and ordered me one of the awesome knee scooters!!! I've crashed on it a couple times but other than that it's amazing!!! He also sent me to the podiatrist who showed me my x-rays and told me it was a high possibility that I would be going home to heal.. He was a great guy though. He was an RM and told me about a missionary that had the same thing happen and somehow he was able to heal enough to get out there. So I'm praying like crazy!! But the doctor on campus told me I was going to  need to go home for about a month to heal up then from there I'll be able to hit Cali running. That was a really hard day. I cried on the way back to class because this experience has already changed me and I've only been here a week. But I'm really trying to remember that it's not about me. It's about the Lord and what He sees fit. I asked to Elders to give me another blessing which was amazing. So that's that story. It's been nice using the elevator! My district sure appreciates it! ;) It's been interesting to figure out how to do things that normally wouldn't take little to no thought to do. It's definitely is humbling and obviously a patience lesson...

 Other than that rough day, every other day has been probably the best days I've had in my life! My district has become a family. We've already cried together, laughed together (probably more than necessary), prayed together, eat together, we just really do everything together! All of us just fit in! My Companion, Sister Cowden, is amazing. She is always ready to grab something for me just so I won't have to get up. She's very Christ-like and we've already started to read each others minds. It's great! The other sisters, Sister Whitney, Sister Brindley, and Sister Blalock are all amazing too. They have become sisters to me. I love them a lot! Oh the Elders, Elder Allen is from Windle, Idaho or something. He's just a big teddy bear. Elder Lopez is from San Diego and he's definitely the one the crack jokes and distract everyone from studying. Sometimes it's much needed though! Elder Heninger (jer, not grrr.. He'll correct you every time! He's from Calgary Canada! He's way funny! We always make fun of his accent or words he says. We have fun! They're all amazing! We're all way close. I haven't thought about home that much which is GREAT! I'm not homesick at all! I love being here! I'm just soaking in all I can! We are teaching a guy named Hunter. He's from a Catholic background but very open and receptive to what we teach. Yesterday, we taught him about the Plan of Salvation and we had the most amazing experience. I think tears were shed all the way around. Best experience teaching I've had yet. I've really learned the importance of teaching with the spirit to meet the persons individual needs. I've found that I have gotten to be pretty good at it. I love teaching! It's amazing to help someone come closer to Christ. It's cool to think that we're taking them by the hand and personally introducing them to Christ. The teachers have really stressed the importance of our own conversion because we can only lift someone has high as we are. That blew my mind. So I've working hard and enjoying every second! Except the food of course... It's bad ... And the cream soda tree got cut down.. :/ We tried to find it but some Elders told us it was gone. 

Oh I should also share that President Hardman (Branch President) called Sister Cowden and I to be the Sister Training Leaders so that's awesome! It's such a blessing to be able to serve the other sisters and learn to see them through Christ's eyes. We have a phone too!! but it doesnt do anything... It's weird. In jeans I'm always looking for my phone. Speaking of jeans, when I did laundry, I realized that I threw in a dryer sheet into the washer... AHH... what a nooob! :D Hopefully it doesn't ruin them! 

Well hey. I love all of you!! Thanks for your continual prayers! My foot is healing really fast due to your prayers. So thank you so much! I'm learning and becoming so much better! I love serving the Lord. It feels so good to have the name tag over my heart. That's where my heart belongs, to Him. I miss all of ya and love ya so much! Have a fantastic week!!! 

Love, S

THE Sister Hood! ;)

Ps.. mommy. I really need ankle socks for gym, a brush cuz I cant find it, and probably something else but I can't remember.. Anyway! Thanks!! Love ya! 

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