California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Monster of A Letter!!

Well Hello everybody!!!

Wow... That's all I can say!!! Hah! It's so good to be out here! It's
so beautiful. I have a ton to write about. So be prepared this will
be a MONSTER!! So first. My companion is Sister Seely. She is SUCH AN
AMAZING MISSIONARY! Wow... She's also so good at talking to people..
She'll just start up some random conversation and before ya know it
they have a Book of Mormon or pamphlet in their hand and she's setting
up a time to come back.. It is UNREAL. we get along pretty well. There
is some new companionship awkwardness but that's normal. Super blessed
to have her.

So Corning - It's a tiny tiny town and this area is super
agricultural. Their pride and joy here are olives... Haha.. So random.
But yes. I took a picture next to the giant olive! I just don't even
know who would have thought it would be olives! They're also known for growing
like walnuts and various kinds of tree nuts. So as you can imagine...
ORCHARDS EVERYWHERE!! It's so pretty! I have pictures that I will
send but they don't really do it justice so I'm sorry you all can't see
it for reals. We also have some gorgeous sunsets and it's really a
beautiful place. Even though it is STINKIN HOT ALL THE TIME! By noon
it's 100. And it stays like that till about 9 at night... And we can
only turn the temp down to 75... So I die at night.. I don't sleep
under blankets. I just snuggle with my blanky and try to sleep..
Haha. I've actually slept better than I thought I would at that temperature.
So that's a blessing. I also haven't gotten sunburned yet!!! I'm
actually quite shocked.. . Haha! Especially since we're in the heat

The first investigator I met was Jesus. Sister Seely told me his
story and he's basically an Alma the younger. So his girlfriend
Marybel, who was also investigating the church, asked for a blessing
so the brothers asked Jesus if he wanted one too. He said why not and
after that blessing he had tears in his eyes and he knew that he
needed to change. Before the blessing he just did whatever he wanted not taking any
thought of consequences because it didn't even matter to him. But now
he is such a different person. He's on date for his baptism on the 25th. We fasted
with him for the first time yesterday and we texted him today and asked him
how it went and he said that it went great and that it really works.
He broke up with his girlfriend and it has gotten really messy with
the kids involved and stuff... No wonder why the Lord blesses us with
His commandments. I can't imagine what their family is going through
right now.

We also met Carlos who lives right next door. We had a

lesson with him and he just went on and on about how he is super
lonely so he turns to smoking and drinking but it just makes him feel
worse. He wants so bad to change and hang out with good people and
find a good lady to marry since he is divorced. Man... If he's not
prepared I don't know who would be. We gave him the Book of Mormon and
invited him to read 2 Nephi 31. AMAZING CHAPTER! READ IT! But he was
super receptive and talked about how he kind of investigated Jehovah's
Witnesses beliefs. (Very popular here. Everyone thinks we're Jehovahs
Witness missionaries...) He also went to mass and has studied their beliefs but
he just doesn't feel like it's true. We told him that the Gospel of
Jesus Christ will bring him true happiness and blessing his life
forever. He was really excited to hear that. So we meet with him again
later this week. 

The the other day we went to find a less active. She

wasn't home so we just decided to tract in that area a little. SO
INSPIRED!! The first door we met Jimmy. I placed my FIRST Book of
Mormon with him!! Super awesome! So we're going to meet with him this
week too! Then since you can't just stop at one door like that, we knocked on
his neighbors door. A guy named Rigo came to the door and we gave him a
Restoration pamphlet and told home we would give him a Book of Mormon
this week when we meet with him!! It was great! Then a couple days
earlier we, again, were looking for a less actives home and we ran
into Annie. 

Annie was out walking her dog and we just started talking to

her. She's from Chicago. She has more of an East coast accent so
kinda laughed becaues she sounds like Ducks (Jackie's)old lady Delawarian accent! 😂
She was awesome though. She's super close with her family and stuff.
So we are meeting with her again this week as well! We'll just talk
about family and maybe family history. That is a HUGE way to get in
the door with people. The spirit of Elijah is a real thing!! Super
awesome. The Church is now printing family history pamphlets. An investigator 
can fill out a couple generations and then with our help or the wards
help they can work on their family history and stuff. Then that leads
into the temple and other doctrine. So it's awesome. It was a super
successful week for new investigators!! It's was super cool!!

So our Ward is the BEST!!! Every night we have a dinner. Even if it's
an empty day on our dinner calendar, if we just call up somebody
they're always glad to feed us. Speaking of food. I had 2 SALADS IN A
ROW!! My first salad scared me because, as most of you are aware, I
gag when I eat salad. It's a serious problem!! So I prayed super fast
that I would be able to eat it without gagging because obviously
that's gross and rude and just a no no.. Haha. So I put together my taco
salad and started eating and BOOM!! This Sister DID NOT GAG!! Now you
may just laugh at that but seriously.. It was really a miracle!! I kid
you not!! Haha!! Same with the other salad. Everyone serves salads because
they're cool and refreshing and easy of course. So yeah. Missionaries
are blessed! Haha! We have eaten with the Ramirez family. They have
been converts for a little over a year. They adopted 4 little kids.
Their story is amazing. But those kids are THE sweetest kids I've
ever met and so well behaved too. We also ate with the Call family. Wow..
These people just blow me away!! They're such a strong family. Sister
Call has brought so many people back to the church. And they're so
humble. They're son Seth, he's like 13 or 14 and on the weekends when
he has free time he will just go serve the single sisters in the ward.
Then Brother Call does everything. They literally live in the middle
of an orchard and they have several workers that work there on the
orchard. They are the most down to earth people I've ever
met.. It's awesome!! Then we met with the St. Georges. They're an older
couple. Super nice. That's where I ate my second salad. Which was also
a miracle.. Haha!! We ate with another family who was great too.
They're all amazing!! Haha. Especially the Lequia's!! He's the mission
leader and he's like our grandpa! Coolest people ever!!! Haha. We also
ate with the Finefrocks. She is from Mexico so she made this AMAZING
chicken that could kill a person it was so good... I literally touched
it with my fork and it fell off the bone.. It was so good!! I like
the way they eat Mexican food... They just throw stuff in a tortilla
and eat it. Haha. I don't really know why but I think it's great!!

Then we also met Brother Carlton. We were looking for a referral this

time in a mobile home park and we were just tracting a little bit and
then we came to this trailer and a cute little lady was out there
doing something and we noticed a picture of Joseph Smith in a box of
things and so we asked her about it and she was like oh yeah that's
Richard's. So she went to get him and he was so excited to see us!
Haha. Super cute elderly man. He bore his testimony to the lady. Man.. He
has a POWERFUL testimony! We gave Patsy, the lady, a pamphlet and
stuff but she was Jehovah's Witness but who knows what could happen!
Bro. Carlton also bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting and it was AMAZING!!
He was born Hebrew and stuff he was baptized in '69. He is a super
Cool guy!! 

I also bore my testimony in sacrament! So during our lesson

with Jesus this morning, the Spirit told me I would bare my
testimony in Sacrament Meeting. So I was trying to avoid it all morning and
I couldn't sit still in sacrament and then Sister Seely leans
over and she's like are you gonna introduce yourself..? And then I was
like Welp! There it went.. Then I got up and it was good. I felt so
much better!! The Spirit knows how to poke you enough to get you to do whatever.
It's a good thing though!

Oh!! So our house story!! Haha! Ohh boy.. So we live in the cutest
house I've ever seen! Pictures are coming! But we locked our keys in
the house and our car keys were on the same time thing so we were
kinda stranded.. Haha. We also had dinner and we were already late to
that.. But we decided to try and break in. We popped the screen out
and the slid the window open and I hopped in and luckily the keys were
on the table... Haha. It was quite the adventure. It freaked us out
though because it was super easy to get in. We locked the windows and
everything though so we're safe now. Except for when Sister Seely
leaves the keys in the door over night!!!! AHHHH... that was a miracle
too... They were still in the door when we got outside at like in
the morning. I can testify that missionaries are protected!! Hahaha..
Don't freak out mom.. I'm paranoid even more so now. Haha, you would
be proud!!

So I met Brother Castleton at Church and his parents were with him.

They live in Woods Cross, UT and they know Mr. Robinson who was a wrestling
coach at Viewmont. I've known him for like 3 years. So that's weird.
They also know that he Squires in our Stake!! Small world!! Everyone
has connections the everyone is Corning.

So my foot does indeed swell in the heat. But I'm not worried
about it. It hasn't hurt at all. So that's super awesome. I only need
some good Church CDs.  I forgot to pack hangers but I'll just grab some at the Redbluff Walmart
so no worries. I haven't been homesick! Of course, I miss you all like
crazy but Corning is where I need to be. Thanks for all your prayers!
I can seriously feel them strengthening me. Heavenly Father answers
prayers. It's a real thing!!

A couple things in my studies that have been awesome are in 2 Nephi
4:26-35. Nephi is so happy but so desperate for the Lord to be more
prominent in his life. I invite all of you to ponder upon how you can
have that same desperation for the Savior to be more involved in your
life. We all should be desperate for Him to be with us always. We, after all, are nothing
without Him. He is our everything. Also. In John 12: 35-36; 46 ( I
think..) Jesus talks about light. Read that and change out light for
Christ. It's soo amazing!!! He is our light. Without Him we would be
in everlasting darkness. I'm so grateful to be representing Him. It's
such a privilege - I feel so inadequate but I know he will help me - He is real and I love Him.

I love you all so much. Thanks for all your support!!


Sister Hood!!


My DESK!!  


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