California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, August 29, 2016


Hey Everybody!!

Oh little Gussy Boo!!! Cutest little pooch! Miss his snuggles every morning! I'm glad he keeps my bed warm while I'm gone! ☺️ I'm glad all is well that home. I haven't even noticed the humidity here.. Haha. It's at least 90 degrees all day. But lately it has been a little cooler....which is SOOO nice! But ya know, ya get used to it! But not at night... I still have to crank the AC down to 70 to sleep. Sister Seely always has to wear her blankey around. It just gets way too hot to sleep then I'm cranky. So she has a choice of a chilly house at night or a cranky companion! 😊 we have fun!!

I hit my 3 month mark Tuesday!! It's crazy because it seems way longer than that but at the same time I can't believe I'm technically not a greenie anymore. Haha! It has gone really fast. I can't believe it's almost September...

HAH!! So here's a funny story for ya! Once again. Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor! So the other day, we were both beat and weren't able to take a nap at lunch because a member took us out and took us to an all-you-can-eat pizza place. Well, it was expensive so we had to eat enough for what he paid.. so after that, we had major food babies. So we came home to finish updating everything and decided to take an 8 minute nap!! It was only going to be 8 minutes! But, you see, we forgot to set an alarm.. Or... We were too lazy too... So we just carried on with our sleeping and then we hear BANG BANG BANG in our door... Well!! It scared the bajeebers out of us.. But it just turned out to be the Elders... But then we came to realize that it had been 8 minutes after we started our nap time!!!!! Heavenly Father set an alarm for us.. Haha!! We just experienced what our 'gators experience.. Missionaries show up at the darned-est times!! But don't worry.. We did repent for that.. We shouldn't have wasted that 8 minutes... We were set straight... Just thought that was funny!! ☺️☺️ 

But hey! Life is great! We had Zone Conference this week! It was AMAZING! I had to speak again though... .. impromptu..And I wasn't really prepared... πŸ˜” it was literally less than a minute.. Haha we talked about obedience. It was great! I learned A TON!!! Something that really has changed my outlook on my mission was when President Marston talked about the story of Lots wife. So the story of Lots wife, we pretty much all know what happened. They were told to leave Sodom and Gomorah because it was about to be destroyed. If they looked back, the Lord told them they would turn into a pillar of salt. So they were leaving and she looked back longingly at her past life and then was turned into a pillar of salt... 

I didn't realize that I was looking back at the home life and missing things about it. Obviously, it's not a bad thing to think about home but when it distracts from the purpose, that's when it is NO Bueno!! Which is what it had started to do a little bit. It had started to affect my attitude and the Spirit being able to be completely with me. It wasn't like I was doing anything wrong, but my whole heart wasn't in the work. My thoughts were not focused on my purpose as the Lord's servant and on His people for whom I, as a missionary, am responsible for. By teaching them and being the vessel by which they are able to feel the Spirit. But that was being hindered because of my selfishness. 

So.. Little do I need to say, it was quite the wake up call. It was much needed but it was awesome!! And since Tuesday, I have been able to be much more focused and open to promptings. I have been trying to be exactly obedient, which is what brings about those miracles. So that has been really cool to see immediate blessings from trying to better myself as a missionary. 

Anyway!! So... Our dear 'gators (Investigators). Some are struggling, others are progressing pretty well. So! We found a few new ones! We met Adam. He is a member in our wards nephew! He lives right next door to them and Sister Seely felt like we should stop by so we did!! It was awesome! 

He invited us back. He asked if we could talk about the
Holy Ghost. His thoughts were that he hadn't heard a lot about the Holy Ghost. Mostly just about Heavenly Father and Jesus. So that will be exciting! He said he has been going through some hard things. He had just graduated from, Chico State and so he is in a transition stage so, for us, it's a great time to pounce! 😊 

Then, Sister Day referred us to the Wallace's, who are less active. It was crazy. So we decided to go see them. And we knocked, nobody answered so we decided to go knock on the neighbor's door. But as we were walking over there, Brother Wallace pulled up. It just happened to be the day that he randomly got off early! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! It was crazy. Even he said that. That we were probably meant to stop by and give them a kick in the rear to get back to
church!! We also talked to his daughter Michelle who is 21. She says she would like to get baptized!! So! That's great!  She is so cute! We are really excited! We have another appointment with them!

We also met with Margurate! We had an awesome lesson with her and invited her and her son Cam to church. And guess who showed up to Sacrament!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ yes!! Margurate and Cam did!! It was good... It was High Counsel Sunday, and it was a little rough because the one brother speaking, didn't look up until the last 30 seconds of his talk and I thought I was gonna die.. I can only imagine how poor Cam felt. Hahaha!! But they said they would be back next week for hopefully the whole 3 hours. 😊 They're awesome! 

No Ron this week... He got a job in Eureka so he has been out of town for a long time. Hopefully we will catch him soon. We might have to push his date back again... πŸ˜• hopefully he will have to desire to meet with us and be a little more dependable. 

We didn't meet with MaryAnn either. Her and Gene are just not really progressing... Our last lesson with her, she told us she believed it was true, but she refuses to come to church. So there isn't much else we can do at this point but keep bugging her about it and hopefully she will quit being so dang stubborn... I need more charity.. We love them and we seriously want them to work out their salvation, but in order to do that they need to keep their commitments... Like the Burrell's. 

We met with the Burrell's and invited them again to church. Lily was literally begging them to go. But her mom wouldn't do it, I guess.. It makes me sad. Pray for them!! Sister Burrell was offended and hasn't gotten past it for 15 years. So yeah... Sad how many people get offended and just lose their testimony because of it.. 

Barbara is another one that makes us wanna bang our head on the wall... She is the most wishy-washy person I have ever met.... Patience is a real lesson Heavenly Father is teaching us. She calls us like 4 times a day and just wants to tell us about her problems. She says she wants to be baptized. But she just told us that neither her husband or her dad want her to "become Mormon"... So we told her we just aren't able to keep meeting with her until she decides if she wants to carry on with it ... fully committed to it. Normally, I would feel bad but she has been meeting with missionaries for many years and she still doesn't know the doctrine... It makes me wonder if she is completely accountable... But! We just love her!!! That's all we can do for her. 

We dropped Carlos. He just wanted to meet up with ladies... He asked us several times if we wanted to go to Mexico with him.. He is just into going to the gym and meeting ladies and not into coming unto Christ. So we just have to remind ourselves that 90% of our work here is planting seeds! Rarely do we get to reap them! πŸ™‚ 

Austin is officially a member of the church! He is just awesome! Such a solid kid. We taught him about the priesthood this week! And we were talking to Bishop and he said he will meet with Austin probably next week to prepare him to get the priesthood! So that will be great! It's just awesome to have seen him change and humble himself before God. It's always an amazing experience! 

We also went on exchanges with Sister Clark! She is from Kaysville, UT. We are probably related to her somehow because she is related to the Clark's in Farmington! We're related to them right...? Haha. It was amazing though! Oh man! She is such a great missionary and a great teacher! Man... Goals. She gave me a lot of feedback on how I can be better and a lot of habits that I have been taught that aren't necessarily good.. Haha. But it was awesome! And it kinda made me realize I am ready to spread my wings!! I wanna take on Corning. I love Sister Seely and all but there comes a point when ya gotta do everything on your own! There are things I don't do because I know she will do it. Terrible mentality, I know. But it's true! That's how Sister Clark's companion is too! We talked about this. 

So on September 20thI will officially take over Corning! It will be glorious!! πŸ˜€ Except for the part where I lose my "mom"... That part is really sad... But it will be good! I'm ready for that! Sister Clark is super cute! She taught me a ton! The other exchanges weren't really super beneficial.. But this one was the Best exchanges yet! 😊 

Well Family! In studies on Sunday I just came across these wonderful words and I thought about you guys: 

"Often we spend great effort in trying to increase the activity levels in our stakes. We work diligently to raise the percentages of those attending sacrament meetings. We labor to get a higher percentage of our young men on missions. We strive to improve the numbers of those marrying in the temple. All of these are commendable efforts and important to the growth of the kingdom. But when individual members and families immerse themselves in the scriptures regularly and consistently, these other areas of activity will automatically come. Testimonies will increase. Commitment will be strengthened. Families will be fortified. Personal revelation will flow...” 

“...Personal, sincere involvement in the scriptures produces faith, hope, and solutions to our daily challenges. Frequently reading, pondering, and applying the lessons of the scriptures, combined with prayer, become an irreplaceable part of gaining and sustaining a strong, vibrant testimony” 

I have seen how huge scripture study can help the family collectively and each member individually... We all need the strength that comes from that! Soooo!!!! Here comes the missionary part! Will you ALL participate in family scripture study every night?!? Even if it is just a few verses! The Book Of Mormon has such power. I know we were never super solid with that, except for when we were younger. But I know that it will bring added strength to your homes! It will make a difference in everyone's life. Everyone will feel the Spirit more abundantly at home and we all know how bad all of us need that. So pretty please? I really felt prompted to add that in here! πŸ™‚ 

I love you guys a ton!!! Thanks for all you do! The package was amazing and the bear was SOOO cute! Thanks Family & Friends! Miss you guys tons! 

I'm always praying for all y'all! 😊


THE one and only
Sister Beadie Geadie Gear! ☺️☺️πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

P.S. That was just for Duck (Jackie)!!! Haha!!

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