California Roseville Mission

California Roseville Mission
Sister Jazzie Hood

My Missionary Scripture D&C 68:6

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.
D&C 68:6

Monday, August 8, 2016


Hey Everybody!!!

Well this week was pretty good!! Ya know, there are always those bumps that are no Bueno but ya just keep pluggin' along! I love being a missionary! it's great!! The most exciting thing that happened is transfers!!! Guess who's leaving Corning!!! WOO WOO!! Not me... Hahahaha!!! Or Seely!! HAH! Gotcha there didn't I! ☺️😉 speaking of transfers though. I have come to see that Heavenly Father has a cruel sense of humor sometimes.. Haha. So They tell us who leaves on Saturday night. So that whole day was just going to be rough anyway! 

But then add some of Heavenly Fathers humor on top of Need I say I was a wreck, haha! So Saturday morning we were just carrying on in our studies. And sometimes I just like to open up my scriptures to see what Heavenly Father wants me to know. WELL!! This time I about had a heart attack.. I opened up to D&C 61:9 - I just started reading and the first line says "Verily, verily I say unto you. It behooveth me that ye shall part..." AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Need I say, again, that I was even MORE of a wreck!! It was cruel... So Sister Seely was sure neither of us are leaving. But when I showed her that it freaked her out!! We were both so paranoid... Haha. We are glad we are staying in good Ol' Corning! But next transfer she is gone... 😳 but yeah! So that's my story for today! 

So.. Our 'gators!! 
Ron-he is ignoring us... He has some depression going on so its been rough for him.. We will probably move his date back because he is not at all ready. 

Then MaryAnn.. This lady is so stubborn... We can't get her to trust God enough to come to church and leave her husband for an hour.. We kept promising her that he will be taken care of if she is going to church but she just won't do it.. Kinda a bummer. She isn't really progressing right now either. Kinda back in the same state of mind as before where as long as your being a good person and going to some kinda church, your fine... Not exactly... 😑 

Austin! He is just amazing.. Haha!! He is our golden. But he is having a hard time because he is living with his girlfriends family. So.. We had to nip that in the butt.. He was already working on it though. He just didn't have a place to live because his parents kicked him out. But yeah. I think I told you about him already! 

Margurate! She is pretty cool! The last few years for her have been rough... Her husband walked out and stuff. He was on drugs. Then he came back because he was homeless and she let him stay. Then he sucked her dry again.. Poor lady.. She has a 10-11 year old son. I think I might have told you this too..  So yeah. 

We also met with Claudia who was a new investigator. She is cool and seems promising.. Haha, hopefully.. 

Then Angel! She is so cute! She is in her early 20's and has 2 little girls. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she seemed super interested. We haven't been able to catch her.. She is moving to Fresno soon so that's a bummer. We will just have to sick some more missionaries on her! 😃 it's great! So yeah! That's the update on our 'GATORS!! 

KOREN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! O my goodness it was AMAZING!! So cool!!!! The Elders called me the night before and said to keep it on the down low and yeah.. So I called President and he was super confused about that so he called them back and apparently everything was good to go!! So me and Sister Seely went up to Redding and got to see them all! It was so cool... Such a tender mercy!! Seriously! Everything worked out way to smoothly! So first we were already in Redding all day for P-day because we went to the trampoline park up there. Then it took is like 10 minutes to get there and everything just worked out! It was so awesome!! I got to lead the music and everything. It was great!! So good to see everybody! Pictures shall follow! 

Spiritual things!!!  ......How great that day will be when we are all sealed together with our spouses forever... .. Eternal families are just such a blessing. I see all these people who haven't been endowed and been sealed to their families and it just breaks my heart!! Some don't see that it is necessary.. I guess that's what our job is as members. To share that message that IT IS necessary and they can be together forever! But, my favorite part is that we are sealed to our "perfect" family. We are not sealed to the human parts of our family. Just the perfect, heavenly parts. Which is going to make it EVEN BETTER!! I wouldn't care if I was sealed to all the imperfect parts! I would still want to spend eternity with all you weirdos! 😊😉 So grateful for the Plan of Salvation. We really are SOO blessed.. 
Miracles of the week!!! 

So! I think it was Saturday! We just went to visit some people and they happened to have friends over. First we went to see Margurate. She is so funny, haha!! Her friend Barbara was there, who is Catholic. We talked about God and the Book of Mormon. It was really good!! We showed her the movie called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father and she LOVED it!! (It's also my personal favorite!! GO WATCH IT!!) so we talked she told us about her experience with finding her church. And I was wondering why Heavenly Father would lead them to a church that doesn't have the fullness but then Sister Seely and I talked about it and I realized that she may not have been ready at that time to receive the fullness so He led her to something else that would help her come closer to Him.. And then He would slowly prepare her to receive the truth. And BOOM!! In we come! ðŸ˜„ even if it is just planting a seed. But it was cool. She said that there was totally a reason that we showed up while she was there!! I was thinking..  Little do you know Whose hand is working in your life!" It was cool!! 

NEXT!! Same day, different person. So we headed over to Los Molinos to see some friends of a less active. The friend we planned to visit, her name is Canary. Interesting I know.. But she wasn't feeling well and just super tired but her friend Kathy was there and she was having a really really hard time with things. We asked if she wanted to see a video, she said sure and it made her cry. She was really grateful we came over and apparently we really uplifted her, which she said she really needed! It was cool. She ALSO said that it was no coincidence that she was there when we showed up. We got her address and set an appointment. She was SO in need of her Savior! Ahh!!! I can't even.. EVERYBODY NEEDS  HIM!! But yeah.. It was really cool. She may (or may not) have had 3 beers and been lightly intoxicated, but nonetheless it touched her heart... So hopefully she remembers who we are when we go back.. Haha. 

So yeah!!! That's that y'alls!!! One more Book of Mormon quote though!! This one hits the feels! "He knows by actual, personal experience, because not only did He suffer pains, afflictions, and temptations of every kind during His second estate, but He took upon Himself our sins as well as our pains, sicknesses, and infirmities. (See Alma 7:11-12) Thus He knew, not in abstraction but in actuality, ‘according to the flesh,’ the whole of human suffering. He bore our infirmities before we bore them. He knows perfectly well how to succor us. We can tell Him nothing of pain, temptation, or affliction; He learned ‘according to the flesh,’ and His triumph was complete!” --Neal A. Maxwell 

Life is good! The church is true, the Book is Blue (Book of Mormon), if ya read it you'll get a clue! 😊😉 I love you all so much! Thanks for all your prayers and support. They do make a difference! I feel them strengthen me everyday! Especially on those days when I just wanna sleep in and watch a movie and hang out with you guys.. Sometimes it's rough. They never said it would be easy. But they did say it would be worth it!! ðŸ˜Š #LifeMoto! 

Love you guys so much!! Pray for ya everyday! 

Love, Sister Hood

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